In Search of the Promised Land(mark)…

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WHAT I’M WEARING: I’m feeling the need to be cool yet casual today, and this is the style card I threw together… Shape: Gigi Teen by Kids5B.  (My ‘default’- I was going to do a newer shape, but then I decided it made my ass look too big for these jeans and casually muttered ‘F— that!’ […]

Hoppy Easter Everybody!

Here comes Emily Cottontail, hopping down for the 60L sale...

Here comes Emily Cottontail, hopping down for the 60L sale…

WHAT I’M WEARING: Grumble, Grumble’s current 60L sale item for Easter Weekend.  Come down and get one while you can, because it’s nice to have a bunny costume that isn’t a slutty playboy bunny.  (Although it’s nice to have those also, don’t get me wrong…)

This one reminds me of the bunny costume I used for Halloween when I was six and seven.  My mom sewed a big white cotton ball onto the posterior of some pink and white footsie pajamas.  I also had a pink head band with stars on springs coming out of the top, and my mom made little pink and white slipcovers to fit over the stars and turn them into bunny ears.  We used make up to add a pink nose and black whiskers.  Poof!  Instant bunny costume.  I was so happy and so hyper the first year.  Fortunately I didn’t grow much over the next year, because I insisted on using the same costume the next year.  Best costume ever!

Anyhoo, for this slightly grown up version (larger, not necessarily any more mature), here’s my style card:

  • Shape: AladyJessicaAlba from Alady Island.
  • Skin: Doll from *JStyle
  • Hair: Ruby from Tameless Hair. (The hair was the trickiest part of this outfit, because the mesh hood doesn’t leave much room for a puffy or long do…)
  • Outfit: Grumble Bunny Outfit.  Includes pink sneakers (worn) and mouth cookie (not.  I eat cookies, I don’t wear them.)  I added some dangly beaded Earrings, also from Grumble.

WHERE I’M AT:  There is a vendor for the bunny outfit right at the Grumble landing pad, here.

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: Just the wish that you and yours all have a great Easter, that you hopefully experience the salvation and grace of the holiday, and that you hopefully also experience the chocolate and candy of the holiday.

WHAT’S ON MY RADIO: Handel’s Messiah, as covered by Reliant K.  Although this is off their Christmas album (“Let it Snow, Baby, Let it Reindeer.”) I always think of it as an Easter song as that was the season my church choir would always perform the Messiah.  My church choir did a version that was longer than 68 seconds, but hey, everyone is probably in a hurry to get back to their families and their chocolate bunnies…


The Landmark Study

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WHAT I’M WEARING: I wanted to go a little exotic today, and still be goth-y.  Here’s my style card: Shape: Gigi Teen (Kids5B) Skin: Music is Life (Kre-ations).  (A pale purple skin with tattoos of notes and clefs.  Very cool, and the unusual color is much of today’s exoticness.) Hair: Wallflowers Pwn Bun without Bangs– Castlevania […]

(My Job’s on the) Shopping Block…

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Allie Munro summoned me to her office after I submitted my last article, and it became clear we had a slight difference of opinion.  I was very proud of my post: I looked good; I looked good in clothes from Grumble, Grumble; I talked about the ongoing Block 100 shopping event; I showed off a […]

Inside My Block Head…

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I’ve mentioned before that inside my own skull is a curiously random place to live.  And by ‘mentioned’ I mean lamented, harped upon, whined at length, et cetera, ad nauseum.  I received another example today.  My boss at Grumble, Grumble, one of my erstwhile sponsors, invited me down to the Depraved Nation Block 100 block […]

Feeling a bit beat up today…

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WHAT I’M WEARING: I feel like a neko hooker in this get up, like somewhere off-screen a large masculine neko with a bare chest, a felt fedora with a purple plume that escaped from the disco era, and very long claws is telling me, “Emily, don’t you dare come back without my money.”  If you can’t […]

I was picked! I was picked!

Insanity.  An interesting place to visit...

Insanity. An interesting place to visit…

WHAT I’M WEARING: I promised last post that this post would feature the new make up from Catriona Dagger and Body Bazaar that I got the opportunity to test out.  Here is the complete style card:

  • Shape: Gigi Teen from Kids5B
  • Skin: Viola (Milk) from WoW Skins.  (I figured a pale skin would also help the make-up show up better…)
  • Hair: Harmony from Tameless Hair.  (It is a color change hair, I’m wearing it in Sandy Blond.)
  • Dress: Tartan Dress from i love 13.
  • Shoes: Red Leather Kicks from Prozak.
  • Jewelry: Vaded from Ellabella, rings and bangles from Loka designs, source unknown nose ring.
  • Tattoo: In My Dreams from Orsini.
  • Makeup: Nature’s Kiss Eyeshadow and Liner from Body Bazaar.

    See the Eyeliner for Yourself.

    See the Eyeliner for Yourself.

WHERE I’M AT: Insanity.  It’s an art exhibit, and a fascinating place to explore and take selfies.  Come see for yourself!

Surreal and serene...

Surreal and serene…

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: My honest opinion of the eyeliner is that I like it, but do not necessarily love it.  With the skin I’m wearing, it looked a little heavy, reminiscent of younger girls who haven’t yet learned that less is more.  That said, I generally dress fairly extreme, so I’m game with the more-is-better approach and I found that it complemented the look I had going today.  For me, price would probably be the deciding factor, and the 50 L$ price that Catriona asked about in the survey sounded just about right, a fair price but not necessarily a great price.

WHAT’S ON MY RADIO: Today I just cannot get the song Angels by Within Temptation out of my head.  I got my hands on a copy of the lyrics, and I’m trying to memorize them so I can really belt it out, but I have to confess I just do not have as hauntingly beautiful a voice as Sharon den Adel.  Nevertheless, I keep on trying…