The Final Word

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A recent WordPress Daily Prompt asked Discussion Ending Lines: “We’ve all had exchanges where we came up with the perfect reply — ten minutes too late. Write down one of those, but this time, make sure to sign off with your grand slam (unused) zinger.” I thought and thought, and I couldn’t come up with […]

From the Outside In…

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I feel like talking about transformations today.  A few posts ago, I admitted I was one of those church-people, so I could talk about meaningful transformations.  In my particular brand of theology, meaningful change starts with attitude.  You commit to changing your attitudes, and you pray, asking God to help you change your attitudes.  You take […]

Give ‘em Elle, you bad girl!

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I don’t often offer an unsolicited testimonial to a product.  (Although I guess that depends on the definition of testimonial.  If posting pictures and getting excited about how cute a given outfit is counts as a testimonial, than I actually give unsolicited testimonials with almost every post…)  Today, however, I’m excited about a couple of […]

I like the easy questions!

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I went and checked out a recent ‘Daily Prompt’ from, and it started me thinking.  You know, some answers are so obvious that you just have to be amazed that someone spent time and oxygen to even ask the question. “Would you like some ice cream on your apple pie?” Um, duh!  Apple pie […]

Heavy Thoughts and a Light Heart

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WHAT I’M WEARING: My thoughts may be heavy and ponderous today- or it may be a touch of indigestion, with me you can never know- so I tried to quickly grab a cute style card to help offset that… Shape: Teen Katie (week 23) by Cukabebe Skin: ‘Timeless Doll’ by Ash’s Trash. Tattoos: Bad Girl by […]

‘Oe luku kala!

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The other day I was practicing ‘ambush journalism.’  That is to say, I was hanging around the water cooler in Grumble, Grumble’s offices, hoping to surprise Allie Munro into giving me a really choice assignment.  I was marshaling my arguments, arranging my pleas, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. “Emily.” “Shh.  I’m lurking in […]

Yee-haw! Well, slap my ass and call me Emily!

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WHAT I’M WEARING: Honest injun, today’s style card isn’t a completely random whim!  Although possibly there is some random whimsey behind it… Shape: Pregnant Teen Katie (Wk 21) by Cukabebe.  (Week 21.  I’m past the halfway point in Mrs. Firsty’s pregnancy.  Yay and stuff!) Skin: Michela (Tan) from WoW Skins. Hair: Brandee (Ebony) from Tameless Hair. […]