Job Insecurity

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“If you give your employer two dollars worth of work for every dollar he pays you, you will always be too valuable an employee to fire.”  Mr. H., my high school soccer coach, used to say that, and it seemed to work for him.  He occasionally skirted the lines of propriety and took gleeful pleasure […]

Retail Therapy: Reasons to be Thrifty…

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There are so many reasons why I need to go shopping this afternoon. A) I need some retail therapy.  On top of my emotional baseline of exhausted and overwhelmed (perfectly normal for moms everywhere, particularly single working moms) I have a healthy overlay of unhealthy rage.  My coworker Taylor, herself a single mom, was supposed […]

Super Bored, XLIX

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My attitude towards the Super Bowl as a child was one of mild indifference.  Over the years, I have accumulated more disdain and irritation, usually over trivial aspects of the experience, that I am now strongly annoyed with the Super Bowl.  Plus, I’m shallow about some things.  I may not care about football, but I […]

Someday I’ll look back and laugh…

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Today is not yet that day. I have a lot of excuses I could bring forward.  I’m naturally disorganized, particularly with the decidedly mixed blessing that is my ADD.  I’ve lived with ADD long enough, and for the most part managed it, that I know good sleep patterns and a structured life are the best […]

They don’t make futures like they used to…

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I do not believe in the Oracle at Delphi.  The ancients claimed that if you traveled to the temple at Delphi in ancient Greece, a wise woman would grant you obscure and cryptic messages that would contain advice and hints about the future.  The only problem is that I believe the future is unknowable.  God himself gets […]

Yellow Journalism?

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Muah-ha-ha!  (Or however you envision an evil genius laugh should sound…)  I have achieved the self contradictory headline!  By definition, yellow journalism is exploiting and exaggerating news to create sensationalism and attract viewers, but it is also an idiom that is not really in current or common usage anymore.  I used the idiom because this […]