So I saw a Help Wanted sign in the window…

Posted: July 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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A job that pays in new release clothing?  Sign me up!

WHAT I’M WEARING: For an ‘audition piece’ I always want to wear something from the potential sponsor.  This black and white striped dress is the lovely Aiyana dress from *PB Designs*.  The body is Meyko from Egoxenitrax, which also came with its own physics to keep my bouncy parts bouncy.  My hair, Wera light blond, is unfortunately one of those I’ve had so long I cannot tell you from whence it came, but it combines nicely with the Bluemarine eyes and Sophia Tanned skin, both from WoW Skins, to create a California blond look.  The pink skully socks and the red kicks boots from PROZAK may not be the most ladylike of footwear, but both are long time favorites of mine.  Finally I added a lip ring, Grumble Grumble’s 4th of july Patriotic Bangles, and a couple of tattoos (One from Orsini, one from PROZAK) just make sure I look all tough but cute.

WHERE I’M AT: I came down to the PB Designs main store and hopped on their modeling stand to show what I would look like if I get the modeling gig I’m applying for.  The taxi is  (Come by and check it out- they recently switched out the Lucky Board merchandise and there are usually a few hunt items to find as well!)

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: I’m really hoping my application goes well.  I actually looked for modeling jobs before I started getting into blogging, but too many of the modeling jobs I saw advertised were really escort jobs and my sporadic pop-in and pop-out schedule works poorly with punching a time card.  (Truthfully, my biggest objection to working as an escort is that I would have the same difficulties punching a time clock in a brothel that I have punching a time clock in a store…)  The job at PB Designs would just require me to spend three hours a week standing around looking pretty in the store on my time line.  I would have clocked half an hour or so just while I blogged this entry!  (And of course, standing around and looking pretty is one of the things I do best!)  Best of all, *PB Designs* wants bloggers as well as models, so with any luck, I can do both!  That’s a yay!


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