Dangerously Cute: Why Two Bloggers Are Better Than One

Posted: July 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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WHAT I’M WEARING: So I put together a new outfit, one that is a little edgier and more mature than I usually wear…

My dress is ‘Bloody Dark Dreams’ by ToXic HiGh.  I don’t even have words for how gorgeous and sexy this dress makes me feel.  I added ‘Classic Thigh Boots – Red’ from <P3>, which are close enough shade of red that the boots and the dress look like they were made to go together.  I was going to add some color with a purple skin (yep, I have a purple skin) but I came down with a case of ‘Blurry Rez’ that I fixed by going back to my Amar milk skin by WoW Skin.  The Naamah Mermaid Hair in green from [Plastik] and my Pink Rave Neko set from *GL* still made me brightly colored, helping pull me back towards the ‘slutty-cute’ target for which I usually aim.  My Cat Mask/MakeUp was a tattoo layer from DAMNED that nicely compliments my neko set.  My last few accessories to finish the look, inventory goodies for whom I have no idea who to credit, were my black choker necklace, the tiger stripes tattoo, some *JStyle* lashes, the ‘classy stockings’, and a freebie lip ring.

Sitting and talking past our bed time...

Sitting and talking past our bed time…

If I had been thinking ahead last night, I’d have gotten all the details from Shae to post what she’s wearing… Of course that would require a spoiler alert, since she told me she had changed into her next outfit so she wouldn’t forget what to blog today.  So I will just say two words ‘PB Design’- they deserve the blatant plug since Shae is blogging for them and they just offered me a position as a model/blogger. (Yay!)

WHERE I’M AT:  So, it’s kind of stalker-ish, but I decided I need to look up some of the other bloggers who I follow and who follow me so that I can friend them and we can say hi when we are online together.  Shaedynlee was first, because she was my second ever follower, so I got a chance to hang out at her place.  I’m not giving out a landmark, because it’s her place not mine, but she has some great scenery.

So I stopped to take a picture when I first arrived...

So I stopped to take a picture when I first arrived…

WHAT’S ON MY MIND:  OMG!  I’m so, so, SO happy I looked Shaedy up!  I already knew from her blogs that she is a fun and cool person, but hanging and chatting last night was so much fun.  I feel like such a rabid fangirl.  (We talked about fangirling last night among other things… We decided that I’m going to squee and stutter and that Shae is going to freeze up and/or pass out if we ever get the chance to meet Strawberry Singh in person.  Definitely something to look forward to!)

And yes, I’ve been reading up on how to get more from Word Press.  Can you tell?  /me grins proudly….

Shaedynlee showed off a really cool animation for me.  I'm jealous and want one...

Shaedynlee showed off a really cool animation for me. I’m jealous and want one…

  1. Shae Marquis says:

    These pics did turn out perfect! I’ll be making my post as soon as I get a coffee into me 😉

  2. […] yet – she’s my friend Emily Marik. You can see the styling for her super cute look *here* (and some more fab pics too) Ms Marik is also a fellow Blogger for PB so if you’re a PB […]

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