Cat Scratch Fever? A Ruthless Little Neko….

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Sure, it's an impractical dress for the beach, but I look GREAT!

Sure, it’s an impractical dress for the beach, but I look GREAT!

What I’m Wearing:  I’ll scratch your eyes out!  Not really.  I’m a lover, not a fighter!  But I don’t I look ruthless?  I should because I’m wearing the ruthless outfit from Virtual Attire.  The entire outfit, including the matching boots, claw-bracers, and scripted ears and tails, all came together.  The Gigi teen shape and brown knotted hair came together from Kids5B, and are common items for me to wear.  The Sophia skin and BlueMarine eyes are still from WoW Skins.

Why are hot outfits rarely warm?

Why are hot outfits rarely warm?

Where I’m At:  A&A Town in Kilmarta.  LM:  Intended as a romantic beachside town and a support location for real life amputees, I can’t fully deside if this sim is a nice idea or a creepy one.  Quite possibly both.  The important thing is I found a nice beach where I could take a few cute pictures.

The close to a relaxing evening.

The close to a relaxing evening.

What’s On My Mind:  Why do I say both nice and creepy?  I saw shops offering AO’s and props for playing an amputee avatar.  I can think of plenty of good, valid reasons why someone would want those.  A gamer/role-player wanting to experience a role other than the twenty-something beautiful person most avatars (mine included) represent.  An actual amputee wanting an avatar that reflects their true physical appearance.  Etc, etc.  The creepy part… Elsewhere on SL I’ve seen merchandise geared for amputee fetish play, and while I didn’t see anything of the sort at A&A, well…  Someone in one of the blogs I follow once commented even though we and our in world friends may be here for other purposes, we all tend to assume that the majority of anonymous second lifers we don’t know are here primarily for the virtual sex.  Amazing how many innocent things become creepy when you wonder if people are using them in virtual sex, isn’t it? 


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