Punching The Time Card

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Sponsor Posts
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The Diamond Dress, a lovely mini dress.

The Diamond Dress, a lovely mini dress.

I came down to the *PB Designs* shop to do some modeling while I finished up some posting.  That’s right, I AM a multi-tasker!  So I’m showing off the Diamond Dress.  (Just 50 L$ for a nice, sexy little number perfect for hitting the clubs.  Take the taxi down to the shop, buy it or see if you can get it off the lucky board, and while you’re there hit the Midnight Mania board for the very sexy Peyton dress.)  A more elegant girl would probably wear heels and stockings and glittery earrings with this dress.  I grabbed my skull stripe socks and PROZAK red kicks, so I can stomp some toes and shove my way into a crowded club.  I also grabbed some random jewelry out of my inventory- dangly earrings, three lip piercings, a heavy rose necklace- and my nerdy glasses from Envious to prove I am an intelligent, studious blogger, er, I mean ‘fashion journalist.’  The Didy milk skin from WoW Skins and ImSoPreddy hair from Calla in blazing Cherry finish the look.  Once again, I’m not just cute, I’m dangerously cute!

So many words for a 'Silent' model...

So many words for a ‘Silent’ model…

  1. zeesl says:

    You do look academically cute! 😀

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