Feeling like a wallflower...

Feeling like a wallflower…

WHAT I’M WEARING: This lovely summer dress is the Freya in wheat, from [DUMB BLOND].  It’s a beautiful dress, with plenty of flexibility.  The top and skirt are both offered plain or patterned for four possible ways to wear the dress.  (I opted for the plain top and patterned skirt.)  Only 199 L$, the dress is casual wear, but elegant enough that you can also wear it to more formal events.  Or at least, I would wear it to formal events, but I’m decidedly low-brow in my tastes sometimes.  Speaking of looking elegant, I’m wearing the Marcella hair in Copper Blonde, a group gift from :: Miss Canning ::, and the Lany skin from WoW Skins.  Finishing the look, I have my lip ring, some freebie earrings, a tattoo that says ‘I will wait forever’ on my upper chest, and some stars tattooed to my midriff.  My shoes are “Vahvaah Voom Shoes” but I don’t know who I got them from.

AAi, a club with a cool atmosphere!

AAi, a club with a cool atmosphere!

WHERE I’M AT:  In keeping with my effort to work down the alphabetical list of destinations in the in world search engine, I ended up at AAi, a small, intimate alternative night club.  There wasn’t an event going on, so I just took some cool pictures and listened to the ‘muzak’ which was pleasant enough that I would come back for an event.  (They have live dj sets from 1-3 pm SLT everyday, and probably other stuff as well.)

I've been a bad [DUMB BLOND]...

I’ve been a bad [DUMB BLOND]…

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: I’m wallowing a bit in self-pity.  I finally took the plunge and bought some Lolas.  It was on my bucket list; it made sense as a fashion blogger/model; it seemed like a great way to get some sexy looks.  I cannot for the life of me get any of the appliers to apply as anything other than a solid color, so I’m ready to cry.  I spent an hour trying to make my new lolas to work with this dress or with any outfit I owned so I could do a look-at-me, look-how-pretty-I-am post, and finally had to concede.  I’m pretty frustrated.

On the other hand, you should still look at me and how pretty I am.  Lolas or no lolas, at least I’ve put some of the DUMB in [DUMB BLOND] tonight…


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