Not That Kind of Bucket List

Posted: July 25, 2013 in Monday Meme
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So, if you are one of the cool kids, you are already following Strawberry Singh.  (If you aren’t cool, that’s OK.  I won’t judge you much.)  This week, she challenged all of us cool kids to share five or more items on our second life Bucket List.

“Meme Instructions: Share at least 5 items on your Second Life Bucket List and try and complete one of the items on the list this week. Don’t forget to leave a link to your list in the comments below so we all can come by and check it out!”   That’s a direct quote, in case you don’t believe me…

Being overly literal is dangerous!

Being overly literal is dangerous!

Brief tangent: The outfit is a ‘garage sale’ avatar I picked up back in 2011, so I cannot credit anything.  I did swap out the hair for the Emilie (what a great name!) in Pink Berry/ Dolce Cream from !Sugarsmack! which I picked up this morning when I decided not to be the only fashion blogger who hadn’t been to the hair fair.  Impulse buyers really shouldn’t go to the Hair Fair, that’s all I’ll say on the subject here.  The bucket I posed in was located at CeeDee Studio in the adult sim of Pigswillfly; I found the link by doing a search in world for ‘bucket’ and teleporting around until found a bucket I wanted to use for posing…

I came up with a pretty long list of things I want to do on Second Life, but I pared it down to five and half:

#1) Own a house.  I’m not a nester by any means.  Several months ago, I accepted the semi-free apartment Linden Labs was offering premium users.  So far my furniture is a bondage cross, a modeling pose stand, and a bunch of boxes where I’ve moved some of my inventory that I wasn’t using but wasn’t willing to throw away.  I use it as a private sand box and changing room, and that’s about it, so there’s no reason to bother with decoration or furniture.  Still, I would love to own an actual house.  Something neoclassical, with fancy furniture, a photo studio, a stable for horses and motorcycles, lots of items with animations for entertaining, etc.

#2) Write and publish a collaboration with my Firsty.  We all have our own whimsical ways of relating our First Life and Second Life existences.  Some people imagine their avatars like the toys in Toy Story, leading an independent life when we aren’t looking.  I like to imagine that I log into First Life and role-play that existence when I’m not online.  My ‘Firsty’, Matt, is a long-time gamer and role-player with a very different life from the one I lead in Second Life, but one of the common denominators is a love of books, stories, and writing.  I’ve discovered a very distinct voice and style as I’ve lived my Second Life, and to write fiction combining my and my Firsty’s ideas, voice, and style would be very cool.

#3) Be a rabid fan-girl stalker.  Between WordPress and Tumblr I’ve found dozens of people on Second Life who are interesting and pretty and worth reading.  I want to track those folks down, introduce myself, and occasionally hang out.  Last week I caught up with ShaedynLee, and it was the high point of my week.  I want more high points, so I want to meet every one whose blog I follow.

#4) Get married.  I was on a hunt, looking through a store that sold wedding gowns and wedding accessories, and I realized I wanted to do the whole SL wedding thing.  Go shop to shop searching for a perfect wedding dress.  Throw a party where everyone dresses up in gowns and tuxes and dances to great music.  Send out invitations.  Hand out guns that fire wedding bouquets so all the guests can run around pelting each other with bundles of flowers afterwards.  (Folks have coded guns that fire bananas and guns that fire vibrators, so a wedding bouquet gun seems like a pretty reasonable thing to exist out there some where!)  A wedding is supposed to be a girl’s fairy-tale moment, with magic and romance and a happily-ever-after, and I want to experience that.

#5) Work as a stripper or escort.  And here we go in the opposite direction of the last goal.  Second Life is in many ways a supercharged Vegas on steroids: there are beautiful people, magical destinations, tourists seeking to temporarily escape mundane existence, lots of games and events and shows.  There is also a vice industry, based on sex and gambling, that everyone acknowledges but few know the full extent or size.  What’s on my bucket list isn’t the reality, the soiled attempt to fleece the desperate and lonely of their money.  I want a fantasy version, more like the mythos of the geisha, wherein gifts are exchanged for company and entertainment.  Sex isn’t an explicit quid pro quo, although implicitly quite likely as long as both participants create and sustain the illusion and mood of the encounter.  This is on my list as a validation of sorts: it requires a look, a persona, a role that someone finds desirable and attractive.

#5.5) Buy Lolas.  This is my half-goal.  I’ve been wavering back and forth on these for a while, and only recently decided that the arguments in favor outweighed the arguments against.  But I call it a half-goal by accident of timing: Last Monday, I was still against the idea, so it wasn’t a goal; next Monday, I would already have them, and they still would not be a goal for the bucket list.  This monday, it’s real easy to pick out which goal I’ll try to accomplish this week…


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