Casually Killing Time at the Airport

Posted: July 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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An outfit for casual exploration.

An outfit for casual exploration.

WHAT I’M WEARING:  The outfit is mostly out of various *JStyle* free gifts…I was doing a little inventory clean up and between the fact that *JStyle* offers a lot of free gifts and the fact that I have poor impulse control I had a lot of stuff to look through.  The black booty shorts, hot pink heels, red fishnet stockings, ‘Apache’ earrings and necklace, and silver bangle bracelets were all *JStyle*.  The cute pink T-Shirt is the ‘Heart Doodle Tee’ in Lipstick from the Butterfly Kisses Boutique, and also a freebie.  I’m pretty sure the ‘Black Angel’ hair was out of a bargain box of hair for women I got when I was just a newbie.  Likewise, the ‘V3 Sultry getto booty’ body from Alady Island was out of a bargain box of discontinued shapes.  The only item in my look I actually paid retail for was the Dee Skin in Midnight from Glamorize, which is the best black skin I own.

We can't use a map to figure out where we are... That would be cheating!

We can’t use a map to figure out where we are… That would be cheating!

WHERE I’M AT: A little confused, but not by the map.  When I’m looking for a new place to visit, the destinations list on Second Life Search has become my go-to tool, just quietly working down the list in alphabetical order.  (I’m only a little OCD, I promise!)  Anyway, my destination was billed in search as the Abbot Spaceport with a picture vaguely hinting of Cloud City.  I arrived, ready to do some sci-fi geeking, to ‘Abbott’s Airport Historical Aviation’ which looked plausibly like a 40s or 50s airport hanger.  Also, apparently it is a bring your own airplane sort of airport, so I couldn’t find any airplanes to joyride in or even pose with.  Still I got some nice spapshots for this gallery which was, of course, the mission.

I'll just wait here for you...

I’ll just wait here for you…

WHAT’S ON MY MIND:  I’ve been jamming out to Pandora while I type today’s blog entry up.  I like to claim my music tastes are ecclectic, and as proof I will offer up that ‘Amaranth’ by Nightwish, ‘Flagpole Sittin’ by Harvey Danger, ‘It’s Still Rock ‘n’ Roll to Me’ by Billy Joel, and ‘Break In’ by Halestorm were all on today’s playlist.


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