I Want A Studio For My Home!

Posted: July 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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You mean this isn't really a beach?

You mean this isn’t really a beach?

WHAT I’M WEARING: More closet cleaning, more *JStyle* freebies: The San Valentin shape, skin, and physics, as well as my red manicure (glove layer) and red bangles all came out of a JStyle valentine’s day group gift.  (Also some cute blond hair and red heels that I kept.  The red minidress, rose, and other jewelry from the same gift I tossed.  I know Strawberry Singh once posted she has about 120k in her inventory, but I’m currently fighting to stay under 10k.. I am a hoarder and I admit it!)  The cute purple mini is the Keepsake from ToXiC HiGh.  I was going to wear the heels that came with the other freebie gifts I’m wearing, but their alpha didn’t play well with the keepsake alpha.  I almost went to my default footwear (Everybody say ‘PROZAK red kicks’ right along with me!) but I picked some boots with a little less attitude, the Ugg Boots with Diamond from Mona Lisa Couture.  My spiky green hair (Gotta keep some punk attitude!) is the Kail from Plastik.  (It’s actually intended for a fantasy merman avatar, but I say it works for me so pbbt! to intended purposes!)

Red sky at night, Emily in fright!

Red sky at night, Emily in fright!

WHERE I’M AT: ABRANIMATIONS.  A huge shop selling animations, poses, toys and gadgets.  All fun stuff.  But what I fell in love with was the photo studio set up, free for visitors to use.  (Taxi!)  I want one, I want one, I want one!  All three of my snapshots with this post were taken from the exact same spot, just sampling poses and background screens and facial poses.  As a blogger, this would be the perfect toy for me.



WHAT’S ON MY MIND: Just a big plug for that photo studio and a huge thank you to ABRANIMATIONS for making it open to the public to use.  I always like a new toy to play with…


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