Fun with Lolas

Posted: July 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Scenery?  What Scenery?

Scenery? What Scenery?

WHAT I’M WEARING:  Lolas.  Specifically the natural shape, V2.5.  I’m also wearing the Ivonne White gown from *avd*, and the lacy top of this lovely formal gown/wedding dress is properly applied.  More on that later.  The gown included the gloves and some dangly earrings that don’t show well beyond my hair.  The hair, by the way, is the Emelie hair from !SugarSmack! in Dolce Cream/Purple Pill.    I’m using the standard mesh size (L) freebie shape and the lovely Sophia skin from WoW.  I wanted a little color on my chest, something to break up that huge expanse of skin between my neck and my neckline, so I added a black choker and the “When you left I lost a part of me” tattoo from Orsini.  Successful look, because I feel lovely.

Glamorously getting in touch with my inner Marilyn...

Glamorously getting in touch with my inner Marilyn…

WHERE I’M AT: Wearing a wedding dress (*avd* didn’t sell it as a wedding dress, but they did call the earrings bridal earrings… I figure it can go either way…) I needed a beautiful, romantic setting for my snapshots.  I did a search for ‘castle’ and ended up with Azuchi, a sim with a Japanese castle and tea house.  This little nook, with flowers, bench, and a bridge passing under a water fall was perfect for my purposes.

This space intentionally left blank...

This space intentionally left blank…

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: So I confessed earlier I was having issues with my Lolas, specifically the appliers.  I purchased the 2.5s because they said they were compatible with older Lolas and Tangos, but I couldn’t get the appliers to work.  Sure, I could look great naked, but I wanted to wear them with sexy clothing, not run around topless.  So I swallowed my pride and asked for help.  One of my 42 groups is “Big Boobie Babes Freebies”  I joined the group before ever become a Lolas girl, since most of the sexy freebies are still sexy for smaller chested girls, but I figured it was a group of people who would know how to use Lolas.  I was right.  I have much gratitude now for Brain Soup who told me that the 2.5s and the Tangos are not directly compatible.  Rather there is a cheap, copyable 2.5 applier.  Copy the 2.5 applier and rez it on the ground.  Rez the Tango applier on the ground.  Crack open the Tango applier and remove the notecard.  Put the note card into the 2.5 applier, which you can then pick up and wear to use.  It sounds more complicated than it is- obviously it’s doable by the non-technical as my pictures prove.



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