My Blind Date with Rodvik Linden

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Monday Meme
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Dear Norman  Yo Norm!  Hey Big Brother-

I’m so sorry.  I’ve been really bad about writing you, and dad told me your letters have sounded pretty homesick since your unit reposted to Zabul.  (Trust me, if Mr. Sensitive has managed to notice, your e-mails must be dripping with I-miss-you…)  I figure I will give you the recap so you know how little you are actually missing.

Work and school are both is going well.  I’m still waiting tables at the Giovanni Spot while I take journalism courses, but I’ve picked up a couple of side gigs as well.  I’m modeling a few hours a week at *PB Designs* and I’ve also started a small fashion blog.  I feel like I don’t have enough time in the week to do everything I want to do.  (I definitely don’t have the time to do everything my professors want me to do.)  I’ve made some good friends, particularly through the blogging, but I wish I had more time to be social.

Speaking of social, do you remember me telling you about my friend Strawberry?  She’s just a few years older than me, but she has an incredible blog and I kind of view her as a mentor.  Apparently she also thinks I need to get out more, because she recently set me up on a blind date with her friend Rodvik Linden.  Yes, one of those Lindens… you can imagine how nervous I was, particularly once I learned Strawberry had given Rodvik one of my recent blog photos to see if he was interested.

Rodvik picked me up from work that evening.

Rodvik picked me up from work that evening.

I stayed up way too late the night before my date, dithering over what to wear.  Did I want to go elegant? slutty? cute? punk?  Did I want to use my Lolas, or would that suggest I’m too easy?  If I went with a Neko look, would Rodvik appreciate the playfulness of the look or think I was too weird or too nerdy?  I had no idea where we would go or what Rodvik was planning, so I didn’t know what was appropriate.  I ended up sleeping through my alarm clock, so I only had time to throw on a T-shirt and jeans and stuff a couple outfits in a bag in case I found time to change.

Rodvik picked me up at the store for [DUMB BLOND] at six, as I was just picking out a couple cute new dresses that I want to blog later.  I have to admit, of all the outfits he could have worn, I wasn’t expecting a toga, goggles, and a pilot’s hat.  I just wish I knew whether to salute his iconoclastic style or mock his obliviousness to the rules of cool.  However he complemented my hair, a new style from [kik] and was interested in taking a few moments to explore the store with me so he must pay some attention to Second Life fashions.  Plus, it’s hard to imagine anyone being friends with Strawberry and not learn something about style from her…

My first surprise of the evening was when I saw Rodvik’s ride.  I expected Rodvik to teleport around like the rest of us, but I wouldn’t have been astonished if he had a chauffeured stretch limo to take him from place to place.  Instead, he had come by the store in a totally bitching Star Plane.  That was cool enough, but then he tossed me the keys.  I think I spent half an hour strafing [DUMB BLOND] before I was ready to move on to our next destination.

And he even let me pilot the star plane!

And he even let me pilot the star plane!

Even with my joy riding, we got to the restaurant early.  Rodvik was a perfect gentleman, holding the door for me and getting my bench for me at the table.  At first I was excited- I love Japanese food!- but than I took a closer look.  Have you ever heard of SUBDUE, big bro?  You and your fellow marines would probably love it- they offer the opportunity for 25 L$ to eat sushi off a naked person.  For 500 L$ you can buy a ‘sushi suit’ and be the person everyone is eating off of.  I couldn’t do it… I lied through my teeth and told Rodvik that I have shellfish allergy so that we would have to come up with plan B.  The one good thing was I got a chance to duck into the restroom and change into something a little more appropriate for a nice restaurant just before we left.

Check please!

Check please!

At least I thought it was a good thing…  Plan B turned out to be a greasy spoon diner that looked like it hadn’t been cleaned any time this decade.  And the neighborhood was… well… “sketchy” is the nicest word I can use.  Several streetlights were burnt out and needed replacement.  There were hookers lingering on the corners and ad boards advertising more.  When I asked Rodvik, he just shrugged a little.  He admitted he hadn’t been there before, but showed me the review on his phone.  At first I felt a little better when I saw the diner had some good reviews, that it was near the top of the restaurant search, and that Linden records showed the place got more traffic then the decor would lead you to believe.  Until I realized he had taken me to a sim called ‘D***Girls City’ for ‘Shemales, Futas, Femboys and Cake.’  I went ballistic lost my temper may have lost my temper then.  The waitress called the police and Rodvik and I ended up having to have an interview out by the officer’s car.  I almost teleported home then and there, but I decided to cut Rodvik slack for two reasons.  One, the cake really was incredible.  I had a chocolate cake with a butterscotch icing (I was a little afraid of the white icing) they made in the diner, and omg! Moist, fresh, chocolaty.  The cake was like the afterglow of an orgas  a really great kiss, that moment where everything is relaxed and the future just looks brighter.

Yay.  I dressed up to dine down.  >:|

Yay. I dressed up to dine down. >:|

Just don't tell Dad, please!

Just don’t tell Dad, please!

Two, do you see the shop Edelfabrik in the background?  I kind of stormed into it when the officer let us go, and omg there were such cute outfits there.  They were a little out of my price range, but so cute and promising lots of mix and match options, that I gave into the urge for retail therapy and blew my allowance for the week.  Why is it that the adult sims seem to have the cutest clothing?

Well, chocolate and shopping could well be a dream date, so I figured I should give Rodvik a second chance.  I told him I didn’t know him well enough to do all this edgy, sexy stuff on a first date.  I asked him to take me some place pretty, with pink and with flowers and nature, where we could talk and explore and learn what we each like.  I admitted it doesn’t take me many dates to get to edgy and sexy, but I just won’t go there while someone is still a stranger.  He just stood there for a bit, flattened by my bluntness, and then smiled and said he knew just the place to bring me.  It was a small park and outdoor mall in another adult sim, and it was very pretty.  There was even a cage that gave lessons in escapology and that was pretty cool to play with.

Oh, just hanging around with Rodvik Linden...

Oh, just hanging around with Rodvik Linden…

Of course, you know me, Norm.  I’m all impulse and no forethought.  Rodvik next showed me the most beautiful gazebo, decorated with roses and a rock garden and a slight glow of magic.  He smiled that smile again, and told me the gazebo was one of his favorite places to take women because it gave them time to get to know him and his heart.  He asked me to take a seat on the stones and he would tell me a story about what it was like to grow up as a Linden.  I was estatic; this was the sort of thing I’d been hoping for all evening.  (Truth to tell, Rodvik’s conversation had been kind of shallow and two-dimensional all evening.  Yes, I’ve got words to spare and can carry a conversation on my own if need be, but I felt like I had been doing all the work all evening.)  As I touched the stones, I felt this tingling that started at my toes and just slowly spread up my body.  My skin felt really dry, my muscles felt stiff.  I had a brief dizzy spell and then…

Apparently I'm not going anywhere....

Apparently I’m not going anywhere….

Now I know why Rodvik says this gazebo gives women time to get know him.  If you send me a reply, send it care of Restrained Freedom Island as I’m not sure how long I will be there.  Which may be for the best…I’m kind of dreading having to let Strawberry know what kind of creep her friend Rodvik is beneath the surface.  I can tell you now, there isn’t going to be a second date.

Your loving sister,


  1. LOLLLLLLL that was really hilarious and well done. Thank you! And no worries, I won’t set you up on anymore blind dates. hahahaa

    • emilymarik says:

      At least not until next weeks challenge… one of my personal goals is to keep up with your memes every week, so I will take every meme as a double dog dare…

  2. zeesl says:

    This date was a bit worrying….LOL. And what a bitching plane, hahahahaahahahahahah!!! BRB, need to breathe…

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