All Dressed Up & No Place To Go!

Posted: August 1, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I'm a cute Neko teen!

I’m a cute Neko teen!

WHAT I’M WEARING: This outfit is from my impulsive trip into Edelfabrik while I was writing my last blog entry.  The ripped jeans, pink thong, pink sneakers, camo tank top, tan lines (tattoo layer), iPod, and mesh jeans jacket were all part of the TwenStar_Eleven outfit.  (Yep, I said part.  There are 8 different tank tops and a couple of cuff options.  Although the 499 L$ was more than I usually pay for an outfit, this is so cute and so versatile I don’t regret it at all.)  My shape is a familiar favorite, the GiGi teen from Kids5B, and my skin, Morena Bella, is from a *JStyle* gift.  Lastly I upped my cute quotient by adding blue ears and tail from one of my virtual attire outfits and blue anime dollarbie hair from Rosy Mood.

Hanging out at home.

Hanging out at home.

WHERE I’M AT:  At home, my poorly furnished apartment.  (And no, I’m not giving out a landmark.  I don’t know which scares me more… the prospect of people I don’t know showing up randomly or the prospect of people I do know learning what a truly awful housekeeper I am…)  I picked the outfit for this post easily, and then nothing felt right as a place to snap pics… Hence the ‘no place to go’ in the post title.  Once all the new August hunts start, I’ve got to pick one to chase down…then at least I will have a destination and goal to chronicle.  After all, my goal is to be a record of time well wasted, not just time wasted…..

Wow.. My house has an outside and everything...

Wow.. My house has an outside and everything…

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: Since I use my apartment as a personal sandbox and changing room, I just teleport in and out.  Today’s post represents the first time I ever walked through the front door.  True story: while I was swinging my camera around to take these pictures, I got a glimpse through my next door neighbor’s bay window.  He (or she) has the REAL SEX doll stand, the one that puts an implant into an avatar so that they have to obey a x-rated remote control.  (I’m not judging, I recognized it because I actually have one in my inventory… Although I leave mine in my inventory rather than in my living room.)  She (or he) also had pictures (First Life rather than Second Life) of muscular men wearing leather in uncomfortable positions, although they seemed rather excited to be in said uncomfortable positions… I was halfway tempted to snap some pics, but they were too explicit for my PG-13 blog.  I’m kind of curious now what sort of av my neighbor has now…


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