Off to the Club

Posted: August 1, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Now THIS is a double!

Now THIS is a double!

WHAT I’M WEARING:  The notice from the VIP group said the theme for tonight’s event was Happily Ever After.  So I went into my folder of stripper/halloween costumes.  (The biggest reason I envy strippers is that they get to wear slutty-cute costumes all year round and no one judges them for it.  They get judged for taking said costumes off for money, but not for wearing them…)  With a little deliberation, I picked the Bo Peep Cosplay Outfit from the Haalsa Hallard collection.  (I did try on market place to figure out the store I got it from.  No luck, although I saw that I acquired it less than a month after I rezzed, so it may well be the first outfit I ever bought for a theme night.)  Most of what I’m wearing is the Bo Peep costume, but I did tweak it a little bit… I detached the Shepherd’s Crook so I wouldn’t flail it around while dancing.  The blue ribbon choker didn’t move well with my neck, so I detached it and replaced it with a Barbed Wire Collar.  (From Open Collar, but I don’t do RLV anymore so it is just a cool looking choker now.)  I also added some prim lashes from Alady Island and a black eye from Corvus (tattoo layer))  The barbed wire collar, black eye, and AO set to ‘sexy drunk’ all combined to make me a Bo Peep who is little worse for wear.  Oh, and I almost forgot.. The hair is source-unknown; I’ve had it a long time.  The shape is the Galaxy from Karen Blackthorne.  My skin is Amar from WoW Skins.

Look carefully, I'm in the background....

Look carefully, I’m in the background….

WHERE I’M AT: I’ve posted before, and I’m sure I will post again: Carnal Oasis is my favorite club.  Heres a wide angle shot to show the general look and feel of the night.

Alucard, the rugged guy in the white costume, is one of the best male dancers at the Oasis!

Alucard, the rugged guy in the white costume, is one of the best male dancers at the Oasis!

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: Kudos to Alucard.  He is a great dancer.  I’m not talking about his dance moves: that’s just a matter of animations.  I’m pretty fly for a white girl myself, because I’ve bothered to pick up some Dance Huds and to learn which free dances at the club suit me.  I’m talking about Alucard’s moves as in “watch-Alucard-put-the-moves-on-that-girl”.  He gives great emotes, the kind which make a girl tremble.  He is always warm and welcoming.  He is generous..I have some nice sparkly jewelry that he has given me.  He is one of the people who makes the Carnal Oasis a very special and fun place.


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