I am woman, see me RAWR!

Posted: August 2, 2013 in Sponsor Posts
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At the museum

At the museum


WHAT I’M WEARING: I’m wearing the RAWR outfit from [DUMB BLOND]: top, mini, and boots.  (99 L$, with three tops, two skirts, and two boot sets, black and leopard, that allow mix and match dressing.)  To accessorize, I added my lace mask from Kumaki Glasses and some ripped stockings that came as part of a Japanese samurai-girl outfit from Adi Cat Designs.  My shape is the Meredith Tweenie shape (source unknown) and my skin is the Little Haley girl skin from Kids5B.  My blond hair is Dragee in blond from Rosy Mood.  The ‘Devilish Neko Set’ came from Dahllywood.  My ePod is from Edelfabrik.  And I’ve got a few odds and ends tattoos and a nose ring and a belly button ring, so I’m kind of punky-cute.

Pretty!  Can I borrow it?

Pretty! Can I borrow it?

WHERE I’M AT: So, did you know there is a virtual San Diego sim?  I didn’t!  I’ll admit I’ve got no idea how Second Life San Diego compares to First Life San Diego, since my firsty has never been west of the Mississippi.  The San Diego 3D Museum of Art made a nice background to snap some pics to share.  (My outfit put me in a comic book mood, so I did a search on comics in my viewer.  The museum is one of the options that came up, and while it’s not very comic book, it is kind of cool and in need of more traffic.)

So much art, so few shots!

So much art, so few shots!

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: Yay!  I just got word in world that I’ve been accepted as a Grumble, Grumble hunt blogger!  (“Hear that, Shae?  We’re co-workers now! It’ll be like the Office but with better scenery, a much prettier cast, an no laugh track!”)


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