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Posted: August 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Beauty and Booty on a Budget... *JStyle

Beauty and Booty on a Budget… *JStyle

WHAT I’M WEARING: So, I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again: If you are looking for many looks on a budget, you should join the *JStyle fashion group.  It’s free to join, and they have an outrageous number of free gifts for their group members.  My look today is a single gift: shape, skin, stockings, stilletto boots, choker, bangles, hoop earrings, prim nails, lashes, belt, purple & black mini.  Tango appliers were included, so I wore my Lolas as well.  All I had to add was hair, and the dark brown Whiskey hair from LoQ suited this avatar well.

I’ll add these caveats about JStyle.  You do get what you pay for with your freebies.  The free skins are generally decent rather than great.  The shapes, although sexy, were designed by some one who likes their women with a bigger, thicker booty than my personal tastes.  The clothes can be hit or miss- I would call my style slutty-cute with a dash of punky and I feel JStyle could use more cute and punky.  The group also probably generates more notifications day-in and day-out than any of my other groups.  On the other hand, I love their jewelry.  Actually, let me add some emphasis.  I love their jewelry.  If you’ve been watching this space, you know I like bangles, chokers, and big, dangly earrings and JStyle has those in spades.  They also do good work with shoes.  Even though JStyle’s focus is their clothes (and avatars) I think of them as my best accessory provider.

Yay!  It's Shae!

Yay! It’s Shae!

WHERE I’M AT: I popped in world yesterday for just a few minutes to check something, and Shae asked me to come by and check out the new garden she made at Hollow’s End.  I thought it was beautiful, and had to snap a photo.  Since I didn’t have time for an extended visit, I came by later in the evening to take a few more and Shae was hanging out with another friend at her new shop so I stayed and visited a bit longer.

Shae isn't just a friend, she's also styling!

Shae isn’t just a friend, she’s also styling!

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: Shae also showed she is far better organized than I am, quickly producing a style card of her look…

Wenda in warm blonde by ExXeSs, Robin in “light” for the latest round of SYS Project by ::[AnnaA]::, Red Tube Top and Ruffled Skirt by Graffitiwear for Designer Circle, *Boom* Locale Heels in Cherry Red, Unisex Eyebrow Piercing by Pheobe, Unisex Facial Piercing (nose) by Pheobe, nails by Hello Dave, Tattoo “Eltanin” by Letis, Slink Hands/feet/eyes, *FTL* “Kirei” Lashes. 

As you can see, she pulls it together very well.


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