Grumble, Grumble, Back to Work!

Posted: August 4, 2013 in Sponsor Posts
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The new hire handbook didn't say where stations #1-#4 are...

The new hire handbook didn’t say where stations #1-#4 are…

So, I picked up a new sponsor and I am now a Grumble, Grumble blogger.  Unsure what to do next, I teleported over to the center of the very large Grumble, Grumble shopping sim and decided to begin the Bleeping Bunny Hunt.  (How better to blog about it than to run around cursing and looking for bright red exclamation marks?)  My hint said the hunt-prim was in the play ground.  I remember seeing that during the Beach Bunny 3 Hunt, so I set off to re-find it, when I was distracted by a subway station full of lucky chairs…

Sadly, however, I wasn’t lucky, so I continued to the playground.  I found the exclamation mark quickly, obviously a simple first hunt-prim in order to lure us into a false sense of security.  I grabbed a seat on a swing so I could take a quick picture, and then I prepared to go to the next location in the hunt.

That's right, I'm a swinger!  Yeah, baby!

That’s right, I’m a swinger! Yeah, baby!

(Since it’s how I usually start my posts, you may wonder WHAT I’M WEARING. Even if you aren’t wondering, I’m going to tell you.  I felt my last post was on the slutty side of the slutty-cute look I aim for, so I will swing to the other side of the target to average it out.  My shape is Shape Z Peitie from Karen Blackthorne.  My skin is the Tiffany Skin from Kids5B.  I have absolutely no idea where I got the Sophie Natural Blond hair, but it’s very cute.  The red, white, and blue bangles I’m wearing and the “Zombies Eat Brains; you’re safe” T-Shirt are both items I bought at Grumble, Grumble during the Beached Bunny Hunt.  The cute skirt is actually the bottom portion of the Pure Angel white minidress from C. Designs.  Both the pink skully socks and my favorite footwear, the Red Leather Kicks from Prozak are long time staples of my closet.  Lastly, a nose ring freebie to help me look a little more punk.)

Since I was there, I stopped to browse in Grumble Kids.  There’s a lot of cute stuff there.  Whether you age-play or, like me, are just immature at heart, it’s a great place to browse with lots of cute finds.  Then it was on to location 2, Pillows & Things.  In addition to the Bleeping Bunny Hunt, they also have a beach party ‘hunt’ and a snow cone ‘hunt’ going on.  I air-quote hunt for these, because they are sets of beach balls and snow cones that you can’t enter a room without stumbling over one or the other or both.  The hunt is to find the complete set of some new furniture.  I’ve taken pics inside my apartment, so you all know I am pretty much an anti-nester, but if I did have the patience to decorate my flat, this would be the sort of stuff I would like.

The Holbrook Black & Blue chair.  Free to sit in; 150 L$ to purchase.

The Holbrook Black & Blue chair. Free to sit in; 150 L$ to purchase.

The clue from the Evil Bunny blog for this location is “Such a great view from here.”  I’m thinking windows or rooftops or maybe the really cool scenic bridge leading to a Greedy Greedy table, which means I need stand up from this really comfortable chair…. I do get the point, but I also get this picture (I did cheat a little bit and use the ‘Sheer Surreality’ windlights setting, but this picture from the bridge is unaltered.  I do good work sometimes…)

Such a great view from here...

Such a great view from here…


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