I’m so Spaced Out Lately…

Posted: August 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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First an apology.  I’ve had to spend a lot of time logged into First Life lately, so I’m a little behind in my posting.  So with out further ado…

Take me to your leader!

Take me to your leader!

WHAT I’M WEARING: I started with the ‘Seductive Star Princess‘ outfit from Edelfabrik.  Can I just pause and say OMG?!?  This dress is so gosh-darned perfect!  I always say I strive for a look that is slutty-cute…this dress is definitely both of those!  Since it is a ‘star princess’ look, I decided to go for an alien look.  Luckily, I just happened to have a purple skin handy, the Galaxies Nebula from [42].  I touched the Nebula colors up a little bit with some Golden eye make up from DAMNED and some Blue Ice creme lipstick from my loyal and patient sponsor, [DUMB BLOND], both on convenient tattoo layers.  (Now that we can stack tattoo layers, I love make-up tattoos!)  The butterfly wings are from a big box of freebie wings I picked up back in my newbie days, and the ‘No More Sorrows’ tattoo is part of a fat-pack I picked up at Orsini.  I was going to wear some color changing hair I grabbed for a rave event once, but this short fluffy blond hair from kik and its associated headband were so cute I decided to go with them instead.

Maybe it's under this couch?

Maybe it’s under this couch?

WHERE I’M AT: I’m a slow hunter, so I’m only at [Ruby], #10 in the Bleeping Bunny Hunt.  (Hmm, I’ve used two-thirds of the available time and I’m only on the 10th of 56 shops.  I think the hunt is going to beat me…) Still, I got a nice pic in a little rest area off from the shop, and I accidentally got a beautiful perv shot of myself while I was swinging my camera around.  I figured I would share it, however, just as more evidence of how sexy-cute this Star Princess dress is.

Hey, baby...are you a swinger?

Hey, baby…are you a swinger?

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: Just a shout out to my friend Zee… our chat yesterday morning ended up being the second highest point of my day, and helped keep me going until the high point at the end of the day, so thanks.  If you aren’t friends with Zee, check out her blog and get to know her… she’s witty, funny, and talented, one of the funnest voices in SL blogdom.

  1. zeesl says:

    😮 I just saw this. Thank you for the compliments! And I’m trying hard to keep a straight face and keep my composure while typing this now, because I can guess your first high point of the day. You’re a riot. And sneaky because you didn’t update me inworld!! I saw you log in, gurl! LMAO!!!

    I always believe that wittiness and funny-ness is mirrored…you can’t be so if the other person you’re talking to isn’t so. 😉 So, you know! ❤

    P.S: I will not let you live this 'first high point' down easily.

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