Trying To Look All Grown Up

Posted: August 11, 2013 in Sponsor Posts
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I feel like I'm getting ready for prom...

I feel like I’m getting ready for prom…

WHAT I’M WEARING: It’s funny how my look sometimes evolves with a mind of its own.  When I started getting dressed, I was back in what I think of as my ‘default look’, a teen avatar set from Kids5B.  I kept the Gigi teen shape, and the dark brown knotted hair from that set, but decided to try a teen skin from Fierce Kiddy Crew, the age play label for Fierce Designs.  I’m sure no one in First Life has ever been as excited about getting zits as I was, but a skin with zits and braces just struck me as really funny.  Next I added the base of the outfit, the new Cora dress from *PB Designs* and the new simple mesh black boots, likewise.  The combination of a cute mini-dress and a younger skin than I normally wear just made the following accessories seem right: some lipstick (Blue Ice creme lipstick from [DUMB BLOND]), nail polish (gloves layer from RONJAS), dangly earrings (*Jstyle freebie), black choker (no clue anymore where I got this), taoist armbands (likewise clueless), chantilly lace stockings (Symmetry), my lip and nose rings, and (not that you can see it when I face the camera) an elaborate cross tattoo undershirt layer (Salvation from PROZAK).

Posing next to the sale point for the Cora dress.

Posing next to the sale point for the Cora dress.

WHERE I’M AT: Since I’m also a silent model, I came down to the *PB Designs* store so that folks could see me. (Taxi!) I spent an hour or two modeling and keeping a friend up past her bed time, and then decided to run and slap some of my favorite MM boards… At Grumble, Grumble there is a subway station with 15 Mini-mania boards and 15 lucky chairs; LC’s World of Fashion is a dangerous place for me to visit, with at least a dozen Midnight Mania boards, at least three Lucky Boards, at least two Mini-Mania boards, lots of freebies and dollarbies, all scattered so you have to look through a bunch of gorgeous full price merchandise to find them; Fierce Designs has a lucky ‘department’ with 4 lucky chairs, 4 Midnight Mania boards, and 9 Mini-mania boards; UK Couture has 7 lucky chairs as well as 4 lucky boards that offer prizes for 1L$ and a photo-studio set for group members; WoW Skins has two Midnight Mania boards and 10 lucky boards, although you need to be a member of a 250L$ group to use them.  (WoW skins are good stuff and kind of pricy- the group membership will pay for itself pretty quickly in quality freebies, but you should be warned.)

So sexy, I'm on fire!

So sexy, I’m on fire!

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: The friend I was chatting with past her bedtime was Zee.  I was very sad, because my viewer never fully rezzed her in so I could steal a picture of the two of us together.  So instead, I will mention she was fretting a bit over the crediting details of her latest blog post (not worrying in the sense of anxious, just in the sense of making sure everything was just-so and correct.)  You should take a look, and then let her know she did a really great job.

Also, I couldn’t resist using the photo studio at UK Couture.  First off, it’s a cool toy.  (I still want one for my apartment!) Second, it obviously isn’t getting enough use… I was a bad photographer the last time I used it, for a picture I posted a week ago, because I apparently forgot to turn off the smoke and particle emitters.  I know I forgot to turn them off, because they were still going a week later… So this time I left the fire burning just to see if its still on when I come back.  (It occurs to me replacing the shop with a sim of burnt-out shell and accusing me of arson would be a cruel prank… maybe I should just pop back and turn that off now…)


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