Time Well Wasted: Toddlers and Tiaras Edition

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Can I have another cupcake?

Can I have another cupcake?

WHAT I’M WEARING: I will confess I was a little sleep-deprived when I put this look together, but it all made sense at the time.  The Tori red flex-gown, (I think it’s from a recent Dollarbie rampage at LC’s World of Fashion) had a certain simplicity that reminded me of a child’s dress-up, particularly once I was wearing it on a 5-yr old shape from Silly Star*.  To get the full ‘toddlers and tiaras’ effect, I needed an elegant, fancy skin, so I went with the Amar from WoW Skins, one of my favorites.  To youthen my look, I grabbed the pink socks and sneakers from my EdelFabrik TwenStar_Eleven outfit, the Powder Pink creme lipstick from [DUMB BLOND], and a face tattoo from Grumble kids.  That was toddler; for ‘tiara’ I added some faux pearl bracelets from *JStyle*, the short and nicely styled Katie hair from [kik], and some Dangle/beaded earrings from Grumble.  I’m now ready for my own slightly creepy reality show!

WHERE I’M AT: I went to visit the Knockers shop, retro/rockabilly fashion for the lolas addicted.  (Taxi)  They have cute stuff, and a fifties-look food wagon that provided a nice picture setting.

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: It may be unfair of me to describe Toddlers & Tiaras as a ‘creepy’ reality show, particularly since I don’t watch and have never seen more than a clip. Maybe I should call America’s Got Talent creepy instead, since I do watch that show and while the show overall is good, they have plenty of clips with the same creeper vibe, particularly since many of the acts this year are kids acts.  Still, what logic causes adults to encourage young children, too young to understand all the meanings and ramifications of sex, to sexualize themselves?  Take this you-tube clip from AGT…Yes, the girls are cute and enthusiastic, but they are nine and ten and performing moves to draw the attention to body parts they don’t even have yet.  Or how about the current trend for teens and younger to wear tight shorts with ‘Princess’ or their school name or some other cutesy message stretched across their backsides?  I tried to find an image online of the type of shorts I meant…the top of the search results was merchant site called ‘DiscountStripper.com’.. Go ahead, tell your daughters and nieces and little sisters they should shop there… Maybe it’s just me but I feel kids should know what the product is before they advertise it… enough of this rant, I will put my soapbox away for now.


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