Finally! Back from the Front!

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Some days you just need a fruity, frothy drink...

Some days you just need a fruity, frothy drink…

WHAT I’M WEARING: A casual look.  I’ll comment below on what I tried to do and ultimately rebelled against, for now I shall just report the details.  Shape: the Gigi teen shape from Kids5B.  I tried, once again, on Wednesday to track down the transformation machine that gave me a cute teen avatar including that shape.  No luck, I think it no longer exists in SL.  Skin: Gisselle, the August group gift from Egoxentrikax .  Hair: Calla’s ImSoPlayful in Strawberry Blond.  Clothing: Grey and Black Sweater from C. Style, Shredded Blue Jeans from Prozak, Tile Skully Top from Pretty N Punk, and White Converse Sneakers from *JStyle.  Accessories: Socks from Edelfabrik’s Twenstar Eleven outfit, Nerdy glasses from Envious, my ubiquitous nose ring, and frowny face funny makeup from Grumble Kids.

There's something fishy going on here!

There’s something fishy going on here!

WHERE I’M AT: Abyss Observatory, a Second Life museum of the ocean.  A cool backdrop for photos and interesting exploration.  Let me post you a taxi.  I’ll definitely be back, as I’ve only started exploring here.

The danger: I may be too cute to be around...Just sayin'

The danger: I may be too cute to be around…Just sayin’

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: I follow Strawberry Singh.  (That is to say, I read her blog.  I don’t wear a trench coat and stalk her from place to place… that would be creepy, and besides, I don’t know where she hangs out online.)  When I recently read her article about the AndrogyMe challenge, I was intrigued.  I went ahead and checked out the original challenge posting by Roras Zanzibar.  I said to myself, this should be a piece of cheese cake.  I’m already a shape changer, and the Gigi shape should be a good starting point: slender, with the bust and booty fairly toned down.

If you read, you know what happens in any story that starts with the heroine saying this will be simple.  Things got complicated fast.  I figured I would take Roras’s advice, mix a clean-shaven masculine skin with my moderately feminine shape or possibly try mixing a feminine skin with a young, slender masculine shape.  For either case, making another attempt to relocate the Adult-to-Kid transformation machine was a good idea, as I would be able to snag some free skins and shapes for teen boys just like I collected some teen girl skins and shapes so long ago.  That was a fruitless quest, although some of the places that come up when you search for transformations are worth follow-up visits when I feel like getting into trouble… Eventually I gave up and went to the Zoha Island mall where there are about three dozen free complete avatar sets to find a male skin.  I figured I had the perfect hair, as there is a male hair from a Plastik merman/mermaid skin set that I’ve used in the past.  And if you’ve looked through my archives or my tumblr feed, you know I’ve got a broad range of looks in my closet, even if I hold the ideal to be slutty-cute with a side of goth-punk.  I spent hours putting together a look, searching for components, trying stuff on, typing and then deleting the blog entry I was going to make.  I used up all the time I had Wednesday and some of what I had Thursday and made no forward progress.  I was like a glacier, only instead of making one step back for every two steps forward, I was just bouncing one step forward than one step back and getting nowhere.

At least I finally had an epiphany.  I can’t do it.  Challenge wins, I lose, epic fail.  I actually agree with the premise of the challenge.  I disapprove of the current trend towards wasp-wasted avatars with oversized booties and ginormous chests.  Which is the reason I wanted to do the challenge and show my disapproval.  Except I realized I also disapprove of androgyny.  I double checked the definition just to make sure I wasn’t reading too much into the challenge.  One definition is an indeterminate gender, one that could be taken either way.  Another definition is to display physical characteristics of both genders.  I technically can create an avatar that meets those definitions, but I wouldn’t be satisfied because any avatar that did so wouldn’t be ‘me’ anymore.  (And yes, I’m aware there is a certain irony in the fact that I’m uncomfortable demonstrating masculine characteristics given my First Life avatar is masculine.  Someday I may devote an entire post to trying to figure out the relationship between my First and Second lives, but today that’s a tangent to the main point.)  Part of my epiphany is that I feel beauty is feminine.  The current SL trend bothers me because the exaggerated features seem more like a caricature of femininity than the real thing.  But androgyny isn’t feminine either, and I just couldn’t pull it off.

The look I did achieve started from the challenge.  I chose jeans and sneakers specifically because they were more gender neutral (as opposed to just wearing them because they felt ‘right’ for the day’s look as is usually the case).  I avoided most of my jewelry, and a nose-ring is a pretty neutral jewelry choice.  But the low v-neck for the sweater with the pink-skully top peaking through, the I’m so playful hair, those aren’t androgynous, and yet neither plays to the caricature either.  (OK, possibly the sweater did play to the caricature as it came with lolas appliers- but I am wearing it without lolas and I think it is quite cute.)  I double checked Arora’s wording again: “Show me some fashions that you love that don’t have a huge ass and hips and boobs from here to kingdom come.”  Well, I did.  I cannot pull off androgyny, and I don’t particularly wish to- but I have plenty of fashions I love because they are cute and feminine and pretty.  (Or sometimes dark and bitchy and punk but still feminine)  And my ass isn’t huge, and I usually don’t have boobs from here to kingdom come.  (Usually- I have to confess that sometimes I do like to break out the lolas.  They are a guilty pleasure, like dark chocolate mocha or Taylor Swift songs…)  So I failed to follow the rules of this challenge… but I am standing by my answer!



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