17,036 Leagues under the Abyss

Posted: August 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Really?  A trojan octopus?

Really? A trojan octopus?

WHAT I’M WEARING: Not appropriate swimwear, that’s for sure!  My shape is Mesh Standard Size Small, a freebie from virtual attire that has been convenient for mesh clothing.  When I changed, I stayed in the Jessy 7 skin from *JStyle that I wore last post.  My hair is the Katie II from [kik].  My outfit is mostly JayBee Veinte from Edelfabrik: the outfit includes a mesh turtleneck sweater that can either be tucked just below the breasts or worn short so they peak out (accomplished by giving two versions of the sweater in the set), a mini-skirt, leggings, and heels.  There is also a color-change hud: Between 2 styles of sweater, 9 sweater-colors, 6 skirt colors, 6 legging colors, and 3 heel colors there are 1944 ways to combine those elements.  The outfit also includes bra and thong, each in both white and black.  The outfit is very cute, but the mini-skirt is very mini… I actually was a little uncomfortable with how short it was, and swapped in a jeans skirt I’ve had for a while from Ash’s Trash, a cute little boutique that focuses primarily on duplicating outfits worn by Lady GaGa and Jessica Simpson for Second Life.  Then I felt a little prudish for wanting a skirt that wasn’t actually a wide belt, so I compensated by going with the short version of the sweater.  It made sense at the time.

Aboard the Nautilus.  Steady as she goes!

Aboard the Nautilus. Steady as she goes!

WHERE I’M AT: A couple of posts ago, I visited the Abyss Observatory and said it was such a cool photo backdrop I wanted to come back and explore some more.  As you can see, I did.

A snack in the galley.

A snack in the galley.

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: I’m about half-way through the book ‘City of Bones’, basis for the movie coming out very soon.  The book is great, and I hope the movie can do it justice, but I’m mentioning it because this quote caught my eye…

“Demon hunting and fashion,” Clary said.  “I never would have thought they went together.”

I am so ready to become a demon hunter now!


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