A simple day of shopping (at Grumble, Grumble)

Posted: August 18, 2013 in Sponsor Posts
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That's right... It's a sneak peak!

That’s right… It’s a sneak peak!

WHAT I’M WEARING: Well, I survived the bleeping bunny hunt, even though I managed to make Elmer Fudd look like a successful bunny hunter… So it’s time to look ahead to the next hunt.  To help us all look ahead, I’m wearing the Tie Dye Sundress and Headband that Grumble is giving away in the Woodstock Hunt, running through September 15th and starting from Wasteland’s main store.  My shape is the Amar shape from WoW Skins.  My skin is Skin Jessy from *Jstyle, although I got a sunburn compliments of a Bite & Claw gatcha I encountered while I was chasing that @#&! bunny.  My hair, Female Neko Hair- Dark Pink (It looks more purple to me.  Just sayin’), is out of the Graffiti Girl Complete Neko Avatar set from VIPS corner. My boots, necklace, and silver bangles all came from *JStyle in the same group gift as the skin.

A tough day's shopping... fashion blogging can be SUCH hard work....

A tough day’s shopping… fashion blogging can be SUCH hard work….

WHERE I’M AT: It’s not an issue with pants or complete outfit sets, but when I’m putting together an outfit from separates, I don’t really have enough sock/stocking choices, so I figured I would use some of the Grumble gift cards I’ve accumulated from the mini-mania boards and go shopping at Grumble.  Guess what?  I found some good choices!

Ooh!  Socks that match my current hair!  How cool is that?

Ooh! Socks that match my current hair! How cool is that?

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: My firsty spent the afternoon and evening at a wedding today.  Lots of fun and dancing and alcohol, definitely a good time… and I watched for fashions I would wear in-world.  It really made me laugh the first time I caught myself looking at shoes in First Life and wishing I had a way to import them here to Second Life…  Now I’m used to it, and it still makes me smile when I have the thought.  I think I may have to learn how to create clothes just to play with hand made outfits…



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