Back to school?

Posted: August 22, 2013 in Writing Prompt
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"I can't believe they let a raccoon attend classes here." "I can't believe they let a blogger on campus."

“I can’t believe they let a raccoon attend classes here.”
I can’t believe they let a blogger on campus.”

Unsure what to do or write about, I decided to steal a glance at’s Daily Prompt in hopes it would unclog the flow of verbosity.  Here was it’s suggestion: “Another school semester will soon begin. If you’re in school, are you looking forward to starting classes? If you’re out of school, what do you miss about it — or are you glad those days are over?”

I’m ambivalent about school.  On one hand, I was good at academia.  I’m smarter than most people, I take tests well, I enjoy the types of thoughts and subjects that you study in school: history, economics, philosophy, literature, etc.  I also like the sense of purpose I had in school.  There were concrete goals and discrete timelines: Read these pages by tomorrow.  Get this project done in three weeks.  Collect nine credit hours of coursework from this category to graduate.  Although it was often challenging, I could define success, and I generally achieved it.  Fast-forward to so-called ‘real life’: I have goals, but often they are outside of my control or I have no idea how to achieve them or what a realistic timeline is.  So yes, for those reasons I would love to go back to school and pick up another degree or two.

On the other hand, I don’t miss the bureaucracy.  I generally got on well with teachers, particularly if they were passionate about their subject matter.    The support staff that kept the university running… not so much.  I just wanted to learn and hopefully get a degree, not play games and jump through hoops.  And to my dismay, I’ve discovered a B.S. in statistics doesn’t seem to open the doors to better jobs and a better future that they claimed it would… I’m still waiting tables and wondering if I’ll ever escape the petty tyrannies of the restaurant business for a “grown-up job”, so going back to school would only be an expensive self-indulgence.

Ironically the best thing I learned in college was how to juggle two different lives: one as a full-time student and the other as a full-time worker in the ‘real world’, a skill that comes in handy balancing my time in Second Life against my time in First Life.  And in both cases, ‘reality’ may pay the bills, but I’d really rather not live there…

Oh, yeah- the obligatory credits stuff: Skin and shape: both the Amar from WoW Skins.  Hair: Whiskey in light brown from LoQ hairs.  Outfit: Hawaiian blouse and purple jeans were the Flora dollarbie from LC’s World Of Fashion.  Denim stilettos were from Maci’s.  The purple earrings, necklace, and piercings set were Vaded from Ellabella.  I honestly don’t remember where I found the black arm bracers with flexes, but I think they were freebies from a night club.

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