Fashion Breaks Out In Grecian Sim!

Posted: August 23, 2013 in Writing Prompt
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The latest Emily Marik sighting.

The latest Emily Marik sighting.

DATELINE- 23 Aug 2013, GREECE SIM  Emily Marik visited the Greece Sim today, an act of tourism and exploration that went largely unnoticed as the Sim was nearly empty.  Sources indicated she was responding to’s ‘Daily Prompt‘ from the day before, which asked bloggers to imagine their blog posted on the New York Times home page for thousands of new viewers.

The scenery is fabulous here!

The scenery is fabulous here!

“For new readers, I wanted one post that captures the entire feel of my blog,” explained Emily.  The self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Cute’ was perfectly at ease with the camera.  “I call my blog Time Well Wasted because I think of it as time well wasted on two levels.  The time I spend on second life and writing my blog is a frivolous pursuit.  The time readers spend reading it is equally frivolous.  I don’t- intentionally anyway- deal with great philosophical conundrums or solve the world’s problems.  It’s a waste of time, BUT- and this is an important BUT- if the waste of time brings a smile to your face, makes your a day a tiny bit brighter, or just causes you to shake your head with the sheer randomness of it all, then it is a good use of that time, hence the idea of time well wasted.”

Emily’s blog is fairly simple.  She tries to share her favorite joys from the metaverse known as Second Life.  Those joys are looking pretty, exploring new sims and regions, and flexing her writing skills as she shares them.  Premiums are put on being cute, whimsical, and slightly random.  OK, more than just slightly random.  She also has a few sponsors, Second Life designers that share their creations with her so that she wears their wares while she shares.  (Wow, try saying that three times fast!)  Every day when she is online and in world she creates a different look of clothing and skins and shapes, and shares a picture or gallery of what she’s into that day.

On the steps of the virtual Acropolis!

On the steps of the virtual Acropolis!

She also tries to credit the designers/shops behind each day’s looks.  Although it isn’t a strong point for her, most Second Life fashion blogs are focused on allowing readers the option of trying to recreate blogger’s looks and/or raid their blogs for ideas.  Emily cheerfully admits her fashion sense, “is a little more shallow.  Pretty much, I’m saying ‘Look at me!  I’m cute!'”  An attitude she gets away with, if only because she is cute.  Today she is cute in Misunderstood, a two-tone body suit from 1 Hundred, some bangles from Grumble, Grumble, an Apache necklace from *JStyle, and her favorite boots ever, the Red Leather Kicks from PROZAK.  Her body shape is the Gigi teen shape from Kids5B, her skin is Ice from EgoxentiriKax, and her hair is the Dark Frost shade of Calla’s ImSoElegant.


  1. zeesl says:

    I saw the same prompt but I couldn’t even begin to be as disciplined as you to write one responding to it. You’re crawling up virtual Acropolis? Told you sneakers would have been a more sensible option! 😛

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