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Posted: August 24, 2013 in Sponsor Posts, Writing Prompt
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The Daily Post daily writing prompt was:  What was the last lie you told? Why did you tell it?  Photographers, artists, poets: show us FAKE.  And when I thought about showing ‘fake’, I immediately thought about wearing Lola’s, the Second Life equivalent of implants.

I'm really a scholar in antiquities...

I’m really a scholar in antiquities…

WHAT I’M WEARING: I put together this look with one thought in mind.  To show FAKE, I wanted to wear my Lola’s, preferably grown to the most awkward and distorted of sizes.  (This isn’t the most grown and distorted I could have gone, but I could only overcome the urge to look semi-realistic so much.) *PB Designs*, one of my sponsors, has some great Lolas-friendly dresses, so I decided to wear the Ariana dress in orange.  With a very open back, short dress, and some strategically placed naughty rips, this is a dangerously sexy dress.  But then again, I’m perfectly willing to be dangerously sexy.  The Ariana definitely needs sexy foot ware to accompany and accessorize it.  I chose plain black lace stockings from Sugar Emporium and the Oriental Fantasy heels I recently found in a LC’s World of Fashion dollarbie.  For hair, I chose the Dragee in custard from Rosy Mood.  No jewelry today, other than my nose piercing, but two tattoos: the musician arm band tattoos on my shoulders, source unknown, and a very elaborate back tattoo from Almost Inks that wears on the undershirt layer.  The facial tattoo is actually part of my skin, the Dark Mystique in copper from Kyxe skins.

Endowed with riches beyond imagination.

Endowed with riches beyond imagination.

 WHERE I’M AT: Random exploration, really.  To me, today’s style and look just says cinema hooker.  I can easily imagine myself with a bit role in a movie as the girl waiting on a street corner in the combat zone, leaning into the windows to ask guys if they want to buy a good time.  In life, such a girl would be dirty and desperate, with a look that is more Goodwill than Gucci, possibly twitching with withdrawal shakes, but in Hollywood, it’s a part for a glamorous young girl in a designer dress with flawless skin and makeup.  So I did a Second Life search for Urban Roleplay, so I could search for a good photo backdrop.

My first teleport was to Sly Designs, a vendor selling adult skyboxes, supposedly for urban and grunge sex role-play.  The shack where I took picture number one was more backwoods rural.  (Maybe it’s urban if you think of Danville, WV, population 684, as ‘the big city’ or maybe I’m just showing my bias.  I was nervous fiddle music would break out at any time.) The theory of a skybox for urban role-play seemed sound, however, so my second teleport was to ‘Dirty Boxes’ promising lockers, schools, grunge, etc… Instead I found a very nice outdoor setting with ships and yachts and a romantic small island.  That prompted photo number two, after I set my windlights on ‘Desert Sunset’ and ran the picture through an ‘Ancient Canvas’ filter in the cheap ware photo touching software I use.  For photo number three, I came by PB designs main store (TAXI!) to do some silent modeling while I typed up some more for this blog entry.  Tootsies, my boss there, was in store A.F.K., doing some remodeling.  (I would have taken a picture of her, but do the joys of Second Life randomness, all that was rezzing were her boots and her hair, which I’m pretty sure is NOT the outfit she picked to remodel her store in.  Definitely good for an office water-cooler moment, however.)  Still, I figured I would show off that the store now has more lucky boards and give you all a chance to see the tattoo I mentioned above.

My better side?

My better side?

Fortunately, while I was typing this up, WordPress was looking at my selected tags and the words and phrases I was writing to provide lists of ‘related blog posts’ on mine and other blogs.  It reminded me of one of my first Monday Meme posts, my blind date with Rodvik Linden, which for a long time was my most viewed blog post.  That was also the first time I saw clothing from Edelfabrik, when I visited the ‘D***Girls City’ sim, which was exactly the sort of urban grunge sim I wanted as a backdrop.

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: It’s funny how easily simple questions can get complicated when you are dealing with a Second Life blog.  What is the last lie I told?  It depends on your definition of lie.  No, really, it actually does.  Most of the definitions of lie I was able to find in a quick online search had three components, such as the definition from that a lie was “a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.”  The italics are mine, to highlight the three components: The lie needs to be false/inaccurate.  The lie needs to be an intentional statement, a purposely told falsehood.  The intent of the lie is to convince an audience of its truth.

So if a statement only has two out of three components, is it a lie?  Robert Heinlein once claimed the best way to lie was to tell the truth in such a way that no one believes you, a technique I’ve used successfully over the years- but is it really a lie if I only made true statements?  If a holocaust denier attempts to convince you of his claims, he is deliberately trying to get you to believe the holocaust never happened.  If he actually believes that, however, where is the lie in his falsehood?  Or most important to my thoughts: is fiction a lie?  Star Wars, the Taming of the Shrew, CSI, the Hound of the Baskervilles, etc. are deliberately told false stories, but their purpose is to entertain, and no one is expected to believe them.  Are they lies?

You can lie with me, if you've got 50L$ to spare...

You can lie with me, if you’ve got 50L$ to spare… This is the picture I wanted for this dress!

To one mindset, every time I log in-world or post to my blog it is a lie since my firsty is definitely not a young female shape-changer with a love of urban chic fashion, and the adventures and excursions I describe in-world only happened in-world and not in some weird place called ‘reality.’  While I don’t deny that I have a firsty, that he is rather different from me, and that he is, in fact, a he, I also believe that writers should work to maintain willing disbelief and that actors/role-players should stay ‘in character’ so I also don’t volunteer the information and try to chat and Instant Message as the rather giddy and flighty young woman I am.  Going back to the definition, I don’t think I’ve ever told a falsehood in world.  The closest I can claim is from back in my newbie days.  There is an awful lot of virtual sex going on in Second Life, and I’m not opposed to that.  I don’t participate, but that is more because casual ‘one-scene stands’ rarely involve the roleplaying and ‘in character’ behavior I would prefer and I’m not interested in committing to a longer-term in world relationship.  I did enjoy wandering Adult sims, however- (I still do, really, I just have time issues which is why I loved the excuse of looking for my hooker picture for the blog.)  I visited one sim, and a cute guy came up to me and tried to chat me up.  His approach was somewhere along the lines of “Hey.  You’re cute.  Where do you live? Want to have sex in this car?”  bouncing between in world stuff and First Life questions in a manner that suggested he was new to Second Life and hadn’t figured out his own style of play.  I’d been chatting back, before he got to the sex in this car question and turned the conversation awkward.  I could have pointed out my firsty is a guy, but that would have been a different sort of awkward.  I could have teleported out or logged off, but I didn’t want to be driven away by a stranger.  So I lied- I made up an in world relationship and stayed in the conversation, amusing myself by the lies I made.  It was mildly harmless stupidity, and made for an interesting morning.  I’m not sure if he figured it out or not.  Eventually another woman came by, and he followed her off still looking for someone to cyberplay with him.


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