A funny thing happened on the way to the metaverse…

Posted: August 27, 2013 in Writing Prompt
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Not really.  I got nothing.

It's random, yes, but is it funny?

It’s random, yes, but is it funny?

I rezzed this morning with the day full of promise yet empty of caffeine.  I wasn’t sure what to blog today, but that is part of the joy of Monday blogging: the delectable Strawberry Singh and her Monday Memes are there to provide a muse.  To my chagrin, I found this weeks meme wasn’t posted yet, so I instead checked for WordPress.com’s daily promptDo you consider yourself funny? What role does humor play in your life? Who’s the funniest person you know?

Cool, I thought.  I’m funny.  This should be easy.  Jot down some comedy, tell a few jokes, wave my hands a little, slap the publish button… easy peasy.  Piece of cake.  Crack my knuckles and… nothing.  The sound of crickets chirping is deafening.  Laughter is easy; comedy is much harder.  Part of the problem is the best comedy is interactive.  Great standup is in part great because of the comedian’s ability to play off the energy and enthusiasm of the audience.  In T.V. and in film, good comedy is in the interaction and chemistry of characters, one reason why many of the great comedic acts are duos or trios.  Despite the difficulty inherent to being funny on demand, I do consider myself to be funny, but my best material is banter and wordplay, riffing off someone else to push the conversation in new and sometimes twisted directions.  After some time staring at screen, starting to type and then deleting it, I have a renewed appreciation for those who can turn their funny on and off on demand.

In Second Life, comedy clubs operate a little differently...

In Second Life, comedy clubs operate a little differently…

(Aside to readers: Never challenge the techno-demons … er, gremlins …ok, fine, techno-gods, now work, dammit! … by gloating about unexpected free time in your schedule.  I was supposed to spend yesterday with a bounty of extra time in world and instead got to spend the day talking to people with accents and strange vocabularies like FIOS and SSID that I don’t fully understand.  On the bright side, now that it’s a day later Strawberry has her meme challenge up and waiting for me…)

Despite my inability to provide proof on demand, I do consider myself to be funny.  Humor for me is many things: it’s salt, something to add seasoning and flavor to almost any aspect of life.  (Bored?  Irritated?  Suffering a tragic, gaping emotional wound?  Jokes can make any of that better!) It’s a shield to hide my emotional vulnerabilities.  (Hey, as long as you’re laughing, I can always claim you are laughing with me, not at me, even though I’m not laughing…)  It’s a pride flag; My sense of humor runs to puns, word play, and banter, and when I say something clever and witty part of the motive is to show you that I am indeed clever and witty.  Humor is a big part of who I am and how I see myself.

Another possibly inappropriate comedy listing in SL search....

Another possibly inappropriate comedy listing in SL search….

Who do I consider funny?  I love a good stand up, although I’m not an organized enough fan to remember names.  I’m a huge fan of Jimmy Fallon, in part because of all the late night hosts, he is the one who comes across as the old college buddy I would go out for drinks with and spend the night mocking people around us.  Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams wrote books that, even after dozens of readings, I have to stop and read passages aloud to random victims standing near by because they are so funny I have to share them with someone.  And wanting to list at least one ‘real person’ (as opposed to famous people I don’t ever get to just hang out with), I also want to mention my friend Zee.  Ironically, commenting on one of her posts how much I appreciated the cleverness and comedy she brings to her blogging was the last thing I did before I went looking for my prompt yesterday, so her humor was already on my mind before I was asked who I find funny.

SL Search is apparently not the way to find comedy.  Just sayin'

SL Search is apparently not the way to find comedy. Just sayin’

Finally, let me finish this post with the obligatory ‘fashion blog’ credits for today’s look.  The Gigi teen shape and Tiffany skin are both from the Kids5B avatar transformer.  The black minidress is the Ankh dress from [Revenge], a shop that I wish was still in business.  The blond ‘dancer hair’ and hoop earrings both came out of some RLV avatar transformers, so I’m not sure who to credit.  My red leather kicks are my favorite ever PROZAK boots.  The black choker necklace and my lip and nose ring were freebies I picked up somewhere along the way.

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