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Posted: August 29, 2013 in Monday Meme
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Studio pose

Studio pose.

All right, before we get into the Strawberry Singh’s latest Monday Meme, let me reassure you I found a friend to unlock me from the RLV hair.  So I am back to full freedom of choice in my look.The shape: Standard Size Small from virtual attire.

The skin: Sophia – Tan from WoW Skins.

The hair: ImSoPreddy in honey from Calla.

Almost everything else: (Boots, jacket, sheer lace dress, stockings, garters, necklace, tan lines tattoo) Luscious Nice from Edelfabrik

Tattoo (“When you left I lost a piece of me.”): Orsini

So, Strawberry gave us a fairly simple meme this week: “Meme Instructions: Share 1 to 5 of your favorite places on the grid. I feel like exploring and discovering new places. Share places you think everyone should visit and also tell us why they are your favorites. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments!”

#5: LSI Laboratories and Evil Pink Lair

Between the unholy church and the dunking pond...

Between the unholy church and the dunking pond…

Fair warning.  This is an RLV area, all about messing with your (or your sub’s) avatar.  There is a shop selling RLV restricting devices.  There is an unholy church and hall of mirrors both of which will transform and lock your avatar.  There are some of the more mundane bondage devices as well, but it is mostly ‘magical/fantasy’ transformations.  There are a lot of interesting toys in a fairly small space, however, so I like it.  Just be warned, the toys have some teeth….

#4: The 109 Prim Circus

The circus is in-town but out-of-this-world...

The circus is in-town but out-of-this-world…

This is just such a cool back drop for taking pictures.  There is something fun about surreality….

#3 Hallow’s End

Shae's work in creating this garden is simply amazing!

Shae’s work in creating this garden is simply amazing!

Shae and Kathryn, two fellow bloggers I met through tumbler have created this lovely collection of locations.  The landing point is the Muchness and Muchly mainstore, Kathryn’s small boutique with cute, slightly off-beat goodies, and there are teleports to Shae’s shop and some beautifully detailed gardens….

#2: D**kGirls City

A darkly sexy future

A darkly sexy future

Yep, a sim that I’m embarrassed to name out loud is still one of my favorite sites.  I generally just wander randomly and seek new frontiers to explore, but I like this sim for several reasons.  One, it’s a very dark, urban edgy back ground, a place with enough character that it makes a good place to take pics.  Two, like most sims that combine smut and retail space, D**kgirls City offers clothes that are well, for lack of a nicer word, slutty, but slutty in a good way.  This is where I first found Edelfabrik- the same Edelfabrik I’m wearing today- and I love them.  Three, nostalgia- I first visited this sim for Strawberry’s Flat Linden meme about a month ago, and that has been one of my most successful posts ever, both in terms of how I feel about the writing and in terms of views and visits.

#1: (Drum roll please!) Carnal Oasis

A come as you are event...

A come as you are event…

This is my night club of choice.  In the groups meme last week, this was one of the groups I refuse to leave, and it is the location I think of as home base, my social center of gravity.  The people are lovely, in both physical and personality senses of “lovely”.  In fact, I’m jamming on the dance floor as I finish up this post and having a blast.  You should come join us some time!


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