Do you ever ask yourself, “What was I thinking?”

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OK, we all know I’m slightly neurotic  eccentric  stark raving bug-fuck blessed with a unique way of looking at the world.  Case in point, today’s outfit.  I want you to bear a few things in mind.  I actually paid money for this outfit.  Yes, it was years ago.  Yes, I was a newbie, still figuring out this thing called Second Life.  There have been leaps and bounds of technical improvements in Second Life clothing since this was designed- multiple item layers, mesh, materials, etc..  It was in a semi-permanent garage sale, so it was a probably a “bargain” and it couldn’t have been much because I’m generally broke.  (Intentionally…Being broke is my first line of defense against poor impulse control.) Still I paid hard-earned, well, hardly-earned Lindens for this outfit.  Now that there has been a proper build up…

The seventies called.  They want their look back.

The seventies called. They want their look back.

WHAT I’M WEARING: The ‘Garage Sale White Latex Outfit.”  I’m not proud of this.  Although wearing this outfit has much the same appeal as picking a scab; you know it’s a bad idea, and yet you just cannot resist.  It’s an awkward cross between a chain mail bikini and the infamous polyester suit from Saturday Night Fever.  Suit, overly sparkly heels, jewelry, spiked wrist bands, and hair were all part of the gloriously tacky package.  All I had to provide was a shape and a skin (once again the Gigi Teen Shape from Kids5B and then the Olivia skin from a Zoha Island Mall freebie avatar.)  I also added a big cross tattoo on my back, compliments of Prozak.  I reloaded my AO so that I’m using ‘sexy drunk’ animations instead of my usual ‘Jersy girl’ set…maybe I can blame my outfit on the booze, right?

I will admit this outfit has two redeeming values.  One, I do love the hair.  It’s everything I want from hair: long enough that it has some body and some style, but no longer, because as nice as long hair looks, sooner or later long hair and a good AO combine to make your hair pass through a shoulder or an arm.  And although I change hair colors frequently, I prefer black or darker brown as the colors I think of “natural” for myself.  Secondly, when I reopened this folder from my inventory I found duplicates of the nose ring and lip ring I usually wear so I can claim this outfit was the first time I displayed my fondness for discrete piercing.

A beautiful touristy landscape shot.

A beautiful touristy landscape shot.

WHERE I’M AT: Continuing to work my way through people’s Monday Meme suggestions, I visited the next suggestion from Moon/Kuala Lampur, La Peria, another Mediterranean styled town with beautiful back drops.  I just scratched the surface, wandering through narrow lanes and alleys, gazing at a scenic water fall, etc.  Oh, and I may have sampled some wine…

Hic..In vino, veritas?...Hic!

Hic..In vino, veritas?…Hic!

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: Gaze upon my fashion faux pas while you can… When I return to my humble apartment, I’ve already decided.  I’m keeping the hair, and the rest is going into the trash can to help lower my inventory count…  Still, if this is the most foolish thing I ever purchase with my Lindens, I’m doing pretty well with my Second Life, right?  (Please ignore me brushing these sex toys behind a closet door…)

  1. zeesl says:

    Can’t, sorry. Your many dildos were peeking out of the overstuffed closet…LOL

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