Yay! It’s a (out-in-left-)Field Trip!

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Sponsor Posts
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Quote for the day:

[08:24]  Emily Marik (emilymarik): I can’t believe I just checked a horse’s undercarriage because of you….

What's under the hood on this critter?

What’s under the hood on this critter?

I’d say you had to be there for the conversation to make sense, but I was there and I’m still not sure the conversation made any sense.  It was still a hoot, a blast, and an all-around good time.  I had a chance to hook up with Zee, the wonderfully talented and off-beat blogger behind ZeeSL.com, and we went exploring Small Town Green, an amazingly beautiful rustic village sim.

I think we should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque...

I think we should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque…

Zee had suggested we make an outing earlier, and Monday morning (I haven’t been to bed yet, so I still think of it as ‘this morning’ but it is technically yesterday at this point…) time permitted and we made our foray into uncharted territory.  Zee wanted to go bicycling, so I checked my inventory.  No bicycle.  No motorcycle, even.  But I do have helium balloons, a small space-plane, a UPS van, and multiple animated broomsticks.  So I rode a broomstick.  (If I ever design a personal crest, the motto underneath will be “Sic facta sunt,” which according to Google Translate is the Latin for “It made sense at the time.”  Just sayin’)  Zee and I explored several places in Small Town Green… a stable, where we- and when I say we, I mean I- tried to steal a horse, only to find it wasn’t ridable, a windmill, several cottages, including a hobbit-hole cottage, that were beautifully scenic on the outside and unfurnished on the inside, a train, and a couple of scenic islands.  For the record, I also learned that Zee is a good girl and I am apparently a bad influence upon her.  Because I thought nothing today of casually walking into strange residences and looking around.  If anyone had had any furniture, I would have cheerfully bounced up and down on it and tried their poses and animations.  Apparently, I am a modern-day Goldilocks.

That's right, I'm glam and I know it!

That’s right, I’m glam and I know it!

Of course, I dressed up for a morning of casual exploration.  My dress is the Retro Dress in black from [DUMB BLOND] and it came with the sexy pink boots and some pink/black polka dot underwear.  Fortunately the dress has a sexy plunging neck line so you can see for yourself how cute the bra is.  You will just have to take my word for it (or buy me a few shots!) that the panties are just as cute.  I had been thinking about a WordPress.com daily prompt to write about identity, so the lacy black eye-mask from Kumaki Glasses and an old ‘elegant collar’ with my name on it from Open Collar both seemed like appropriate accessories to wear.  I also hadn’t gone Neko for a while, so I donned my ‘devilish’ red ears and tail set.  The pink dollarbie hair from Rosy Mesh at the hair fair this summer was a good choice to go with my boots and underwear.  My body and shape were from WoW Skins, the Amar shape and the Nahla Skin in Dark Tan, (which was part of their June group gift to members.)

Zee is glam too, but much more modest about it...

Zee is glam too, but much more modest about it…

I suppose a more fashion-minded fashion blogger would have quizzed Zee about all the details of what she was wearing.  I was content to say “Ooh, that’s so cute.” and then let the conversation wander off-topic (it wandered off topic an awful lot…) into a discussion about crediting looks and whether people read the credits and/or other witty creativity that goes into making a blog.  (Prove to us you do read this text part of the blog and don’t just look at the pretty pictures… Click HERE to read Zee’s version of our outing and learn who made her outfit!  While you’re there, comment her with the phrase “Emily Sent Me” so we know you read this here…)

I don't normally do landscapes, but I couldn't resist this one...

I don’t normally do landscapes, but I couldn’t resist this one…

She sings like an angle.  But she's acute so it's all right.

She sings like an angle. But she’s acute so it’s all right.

We finished our morning drinking coffee and sharing stories as the sunset on our (well, somebody’s and we were using it…) gazebo.  Bless Secondlife and Windlights for the fact you can always get a sunset when it is convenient for you…  That was our field trip, and it was the best hoot/blast/all-aroung-good-time I’ve had for a while!  Thanks again, Zee, for making it a great day and a great outing!

  1. zeesl says:

    Ah, I actually took photos of you too and wanted to put it on my blog…but I wasn’t sure about the privacy rule and whatevernots so I didn’t. That kinda made me sound like a selfish narcissist because I only had one photo of us together! Eeek! But hit me up when you come online and I’ll send you the link for your rawr neko potrait. The trip was a lot of fun! 😀

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