One way or another (Gonna Gatcha Gatcha Gatcha!)

Posted: September 6, 2013 in Sponsor Posts
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WHAT I’M WEARING: That’s right, GATCHA is the latest SL trend, and *PB Designs* has a new Gatcha mesh dress.  The Evie Mesh Bubble Dress is a cute mini with black bands at the top and bottom and one of seven patterns (five common, two rare).  It’s only 10 L$, so it’s a steal.  I’m wearing the camoflage pattern, one of the commons.  I’m also wearing Simple Mesh black boots, again by *PB* to show how well they accessorize the dress.  My shape is Standard small (a freebie from virtual attire), my skin Lany from WoW Skins, my hair Squeak in blonde & pink from DK.  And then a few accessories to finish the look: Chantilly Lace Stockings from Symmetry, my musician arm-band tattoos (source unknown), the ‘apache’ necklace and earrings from *Jstyle, and razor wire bangles from Grumble, Grumble.

WHERE I’M AT: I’m so pressed for time lately, I didn’t go any place.  Instead, I recently bought a cheap studio set for my home.  It gives me a backdrop I can change and I’ve got a pose hud for poses, so while not as nice as the studio at UK Couture I’ve drooled over (and will probably continue to drool over) it works for the blogger with a budget.

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: Right now, wishing I was counting sleep.  Being tired causes the soundtrack inside my skull to be more pronounced so I’m also debating my personal theme song.  Rather than list the pros and cons, I’m going to embed videos of three songs that I occasionally feel that I live, and see if any of them stir a commenter to comment…

Regardless of if you feel moved to comment, thank you all for reading and for bearing with me while First Life slows me down.  I’ll be getting back on schedule in a few days once I survive this current run of double-shifts…. with some luck, even making up some lost time…


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