Thanks, dudes!

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Today’s daily prompt was quite simple: The internet is full of rants. Help tip the balance: today, simply be thankful for something (or someone).  If anything was difficult, it was deciding which of many things I’m thankful for I wanted to share.

Tribute to the fallen

Tribute to the fallen.

It being 9/11, it is a perfect day to be thankful for first responders.  My interactions with first responders have been thankfully minimal.  I’ve not been the victim of a crime, lost my home to a fire, or had an emergency that required paramedics, and I’m perfectly OK with that.  On the other hand, I appreciate the fact they are there if I do need them, and I know the sacrifices they make.  Not all firemen or police officers give their lives in the line of duty, but they bear the risk, and often do so with a grace and nobility of human spirit that is hard to label into mere words.  Many more sacrifice happiness and family, because their jobs have an inherent stress and toll.  I’m more sensitive to and thankful for first responders because my firsty and I have several police officers in the family.

I love the fact that Second Life has a 9/11 tribute up and running for the anniversary.  To quote the destinations blurb: The interactive 9/11 Stairclimb Tribute to Fallen Firefighters is an opportunity to honor and remember first responders lost on that horrific day. Go to the stairwell base below the ghost towers to acquire and wear the free bunker gear. Then begin your ascent up the 120 stories. Join this unique special annual tribute hosted by the Aero Pines Park Fire Department on Sept. 9-12.  This is a very cool tribute; I’m thankful to APPFD for doing it, and providing you a taxi so you can be thankful too.

And she's climbing a stairway to heaven...

And she’s climbing a stairway to heaven…

Oh, and one other thing.  The 9/11 tribute provides fire fighter’s outfits to wear while you climb to the top of the tower.  Wearing fire fighter gear over an elf in fishnet outfit from virtual attire is a little random, but then, so am I.

The other thank you I wanted to share was to Strawberry Singh.  She is amazing.  She has lots of followers, is very skilled at what she does, always looks beautiful… she is kind of an idol/role model/rock star of the SL blogging world.  (I know, it’s a small world, but isn’t it great we have at least one rock star?!?)  I get a little fan-girl about Strawberry anyway, as you can probably tell, but then this…  One of my recent posts, I posted and then logged into first life to watch a TV show.  After the show was over, I hopped back on line to check a few details for boring things in First Life, and I saw I had a notification that I had a new like for the post I had just made.  Being nosy and checking the stats page, I saw the new post had only had one view so far.. oh my god!, I thought, the first person to read my new post was Strawberry, and she even liked it!  Now I will be inspired to new levels of creepy fan-girl stalking.  Just kidding, of course.  (Unless anyone knows any shops with good deals on trench coats…)  But to get some encouragement from someone who I admire so much really did make my day.  Thank you Strawberry!

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