What do you wear to a poetry reading?

Posted: September 15, 2013 in Writing Prompt
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So, I went once again to the daily prompt, (technically yesterday’s by the time I post this) and found these instructions: Grab the nearest book. Open it and go to the tenth word. Do a Google Image Search of the word. Write about what the image brings to mind.  Well, as I’ve said before, I’m a voracious reader, so I had many books to choose from.  The first book I grabbed had ‘the’ as the tenth word, and I said “[expletive deleted] that!”.  The second book I grabbed was Time Riders: Day of the Predator by Alex Scarrow.  (Excellent book so far, btw, and I also loved the first book in the series.) and the tenth word was ‘echoing’.  Rather than do the prescribed image search, however, I had this image I had just taken at World’s End Garden…

Cowboys and indians, anyone?

Cowboys and indians, anyone?

A little musing on how to work this image and the word echoing together and I crafted this poem…


Four year old Travis, mama’s little man, rides the carousel as fast as he can

He’s going to be her hero,  he’s going to be her knight.

Mama thinks she hides the tears, but Travis hears her cry.

And Mama hasn’t smiled since Daddy left with no goodbye.

And the horses spin so fast, and the horses run so right.

The hooves echo like thunder in a tiny child’s dreams.

Round the pole, round the pole, round and round they go.

And the tears and pain are hidden by a child’s joyful screams.

Years later Travis mucks out a stable, working odd jobs when he is able.

He helps Mama with the bills, he helps mama with the rent.

The horses are his secret joy, lithe and graceful steeds,

That bit of hope and promise his weary heart so needs.

‘Cause the horses never drink, and the horses don’t get spent.

Their hooves echo like thunder as Trav dreams of bright tomorrows.

Back and forth, round the track, to and fro they go.

And only for a moment, a teen forgets his sorrows.

Young man Travis, small and light, nervous on his debut night,

It’s his first time as a jockey, it’s his first time in the race.

His horse runs like the wind, reaching for divine,

He and Travis placing, second across the line.

Travis hears the crowd yell, then Travis sees her face.

And love echoes like thunder, like the hooves along the track.

Love at first sight, at first date, at first kiss.

From horses or from Laura, there’s no turning back.

Travis in his colors, and Laura in white, wedding held at the track one night.

Mama weeps with her regrets, Travis weeps in his bliss.

Bride and groom kiss as they board hansom so black,

Family and friends watch them pulled around the track.

Trav and Laura hold each other, Trav and Laura kiss.

The hooves echo like thunder, like lovers’ beating hearts.

Days and nights, weeks and months, they carve forever out,

Making a happy ending from a very happy start.

They bring Travis Jr. to that old carousel, to ride as fast as he can.

His dad holds him close, his dad shares his dreams.

They remember Granma, now watching from above.

They ride on the horses, because horses are love.

Big trav remembers.  Little Travis screams.

The hooves echo like thunder in both Travis’s lives.

Round the pole, round the pole, round and round they go.

As some echoes fade and some echoes thrive…

And the fashion stuff before I go:  My outfit is an ‘Indian Princess’ outfit that I bought just outside the entry area to Western roleplaying sim that I wanted to try.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember the shop or even the Sim so all I can tell you is that it was designed by RainbowK Jua, who is listed in the Second Life Marketplace, but doesn’t have anything for sale there currently.  The outfit included all the leathers, some jewelry, and even the raven tattoo on my belly.  I added the “apache” necklace and earrings from *JStyle, as well as my nose ring.  My body shape is the “Standard Sizing Small” freebie from Virtual Attire, and my very pale skin is Meya Vampira from Buttons.  My hair is Emilie in dolce cream and purple pill from !SugarSmack!

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