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Posted: September 17, 2013 in Monday Meme
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Living on, well over, the edge...

Living on, well over, the edge…

So, Strawberry’s latest Monday Meme was at once both simple and complicated this week.  Meme instructions: Create an image in Second Life that has a surreal feel to you. Don’t forget to share your link in the comments and add your picture to the Blog Memes flickr group.  

Simple?  Umm, have you looked at my past photos?  The more surreal locations in SL are the ones that capture my fancy, so locations like the 109 Prim Circus, Childhood, or Bogon Flux are places where I love to run around and take pictures of myself.  I visited Bogon Flux, an art exhibit on the LEA sim, earlier this month, and decided I wanted to come back.  And playing with windlights provides lots of way to get surreal lighting.

Complicated?  Well, if my normal pictures are somewhat surreal, how I do I take a surreal picture that doesn’t somehow seem normal?

I'm on the inside, looking out.

I’m on the inside, looking out.

Plus I forgot that the flux in Bogon flux is that the whole structure keeps falling apart and reassembling itself… After I took the first picture, looking through a window to nowhere, I got distracted trying to remember and find the song ‘Road to Nowhere’.  By the time I found it, the room I was standing in had disappeared and I was sinking to the bottom of the ocean underneath.  I stopped, coming out of the water, to take this picture because I liked the angle and effect in shooting from the water…

Taking a picture with the camera under the surface of the water... boo-YAH!

Taking a picture with the camera under the surface of the water… boo-YAH!

Oh, and the fashion details: As you may or may not have recognized, the Gigi Teen shape, Tiffany skin, and Dark brown knot were all from the Kids5B free avatar that I think of as my base look.  The boots were the red leather kicks from Prozak that, again, I use often enough that they are kind of ‘default Emily look’.  The Octoberfest dress I just bought from Clothes Horse..In a sense it was my first First Life modeling gig!  My firsty needed a graphic for an Octoberfest beer at one of the restaurants where he works, and his first thought was to grab a picture of me in a dirndl and run some effects on the picture to make it look more like clip art.  The Kids5B stuff was great for his purposes because it makes me look very like a coworker at the same restaurant and helps him stir the pot and cause some trouble.  (In case you were wondering, my firsty’s a brat and I’m the nice one.  Now you know!)  Here are the raw and processed shots…Snapshot_003

Is it art?  Nope, it's just me... *grin*

Is it art? Nope, it’s just me… *grin*


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