A small conversation… Actually a Petit Chat

Posted: September 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I do not have enough words for how beautiful this garden looks!

I do not have enough words for how beautiful this garden looks!

WHAT I’M WEARING: This beautiful shimmery green dress is from P U R E Perfection, and it is freaking gorgeous.  As you can see, it comes with Lolas appliers, so I went ahead and applied my Lolas.  The shape and skin are Candy from WoW Skins.  (Yes, I was too lazy to re-skin match the Lolas, so I just used the same skin I used last time I wore them… forgive me, please!)  The hair is ImSoPreddy from Calla in Blazing Cherry.  Then some quick accessorizing: stockings from Alloro, Oriental Heels from LC’s World of Fashion, Bangles and Ring from Loka, Black Choker and Lip Ring both source unknown, and Earrings and long prim fingernails from *JStyle.

I'm not really dressed to go swimming, but the pond looked so inviting...

I’m not really dressed to go swimming, but the pond looked so inviting…

WHERE I’M AT: Thank my good friend Shae for this one.  (By the way, you should be following her here if you aren’t already.  She’s pretty, talented, and fun.  I like her because she reminds me of me.) She suggested I stop by Petit Chat, saying their fashions seemed very me-appropriate.  I must have agreed, because I quickly bought two outfits and fled outside before I emptied out my allowance.  But it was when I stepped outside that I really had to be thankful to Shae…  My gallery was taken today in a beautiful garden outside the Petit Chat mainstore.  The trees and garden are incredible.  The music is restful and calming.  There are picnic blankets and swings and a carousel and even a swimming animation in the pond.  I tweaked my Windlight settings a little to bring out the green, in both my dress and the setting, but I had very little to do, as the setting is just so beautiful.

That's right.  Sometimes, I'm a swinger!

That’s right. Sometimes, I’m a swinger!

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: Sometimes I struggle for something to say in this space, sometimes I have too many thoughts at one time to pick out one that matters.  Today I just want to praise Trinity Yazimot, owner of Petit Chat.  While I was posing for my first pic, she took the time to thank me for joining the Petit Chat store group and buying a few items.  That was awesome in and of itself- I love when a vendor takes time to interact and make a SL store more like a RL boutique- but then Trinity also gifted me with some not yet released items- a jewelry set that goes/ will go with one of the outfits I bought and a to be released halloween costume.  She also invited me to stop by the garden anytime, and told me its intended as a public resting area, which is why I invited you all to see it.  (PS.  I stayed in the outfit I was already wearing when I started this entry, but I’ll be wearing Petit Chat for my next post.  Stay tuned!)

  1. Shae Marquis says:

    I told you she was a lovely person! I’m glad you had a good visit there and *blush* you’re too sweet! Yes, we really do have a lot in common.. I’m so glad I met you, Emily! *kiss*

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