Thank you Berry, berry much…

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Monday Meme
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Looking for a birthday present...

Looking for a birthday present…

How do you celebrate an idol?  Yes, I idolize Strawberry Singh, and I’m willing to bellow it from the rooftops.  You see, every Monday I breathlessly await SS’s MM (Strawberry Singh’s Monday Meme if you weren’t following the acronym) and plan how I shall respond.  It’s kind of like stalking, but everybody’s doing it, so it is socially acceptable stalking.  It’s hard not to idolize Strawberry.  You can disregard the fact that she is beautiful, after all almost everybody is beautiful in Second Life.  (Although check out this tumblr-blog to see some of the exceptions… Just sayin’.)  You may be able to disregard the talent she shows in her photography.   I’m personally jealous, and wish my shots came out as well, but since she’s admitted to augmenting her eye with some judicious photoshopping, I suppose the purist can claim she is somehow cheating.  Maybe you can even find a way to disregard her writing.  She writes with passion, expertise, and verve, and creates a blog that is entertaining and fun to read.  She helps explain the sometimes arcane world of Second Life photography and some of the newer fashion gizmos, she also talks about the fashions she wears and models.  (There are literally dozens, maybe hundreds, of “here’s-my-picture-here’s-the-credits” blogs, some of which are quite beautiful, but the short list of SL bloggers I adore- Shae, Zee, Lil Cao are the first examples off the top of my head- is made up of SL bloggers who actually have something to say.  Strawberry was the first name on that short list.)  Still, the internet is saturated with bloggers, so the law of large numbers says there have to be a certain number who actually write, and maybe you just aren’t impressed that Strawberry is one of them.  The reason you must adore and idolize Strawberry is that she doesn’t just write about the community of talented people who infest er, live in Second Life; she helps create the sense of community that binds us closer together.  Her interviews with the artistic people who help create the beauty in Second Life that we all cherish… Her creation of (and sharing of) the Monday Meme to help the blogging community find and meet and get to know each other… her involvement in the Second Life arts community (such as her role in Romeo and Juliet)… Her warm support and encouragement to struggling writers and artists…. Second Life probably gives more attention to the role-play and virtual sex communities, but the greatest joy of SL for me is the arts community, a virtual equivalent to Montparnasse in Paris and the expatriates between WWI and WWII, with artists and writers and creators of beauty all rubbing pixelated shoulders and inspiring each other.  Strawberry is the Gertrude Stein of this community, her blog serving as the Salon where we all meet and greet.  So, yes, I adore her and you should too!

This space intentionally left blank.

This space intentionally left blank.

So, I repeat: How do you celebrate an idol?  You can let her know how you’re dressed.  (Yeah, it’s not very celebratory, but it’s kind of part of what I do, so I have to work it in somehow…)  This little outfit is another cute and free gift from *JStyle.  It was a complete avatar gift, so it included the skin, the pink dress and heels, the bangles (and by now, you all know I love bangles almost as much as I love Strawberry!), and even the hair (something many other JStyle complete avs have not included, fair warning.)  I find the shapes from JStyle to be a little ass-heavy for my tastes, so I subbed the Meyka, a beautiful slim shape from Egoxentrikax.  And then, to add some personal touches to the avatar, I dipped into my closet.  (Yes, I have an inventory folder named “my closet” where I keep the single pieces I return to again and again.)  I felt the heels and short dress deserved some stockings; these are the “plain lace stockings” from Sugar Emporium.  I also added the rose tattoo on my breast, an undershirt layer tattoo from Prozak, and my black choker and lip and nose piercings.  All of this, because if I’m going to celebrate Strawberry, famous for being beautiful without and within, I should take pains to also be beautiful without.  (For within, you will just have to settle for cute and punky rather than beautiful, because that’s just the way I am…)

It's true: Pixilated birthday cakes have zero calories!

It’s true: Pixilated birthday cakes have zero calories!

The next step is to create a gallery of birthday images.  The ideal picture would be a slightly surreal picture of me climbing a giant multi-layer pink-frosted cake.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the technical chops to make such a cake, so instead I have to wander blindly in the hope someone else has made a giant multi-layer pink-frosted cake and just left it lying around for random bloggers to visit.  (This is Second Life… It could happen!)  Fortunately, I love to wander blindly and I found a few interesting backdrops and foregrounds while I searched for cake.  The cake I finally settled for wasn’t giant or pink-frosted, but it did have some beautifully rendered Strawberries on top, which made it perfect birthday cake for a beautifully rendered Strawberry.

I should definitely stop at a bar and toast Strawberry a few times for her birthday...

I should definitely stop at a bar and toast Strawberry a few times for her birthday…

In addition to toasting Strawberry for her birthday, I should answer her meme questions.

  • When is your birthday? – July 17th, 1975.  (Yes, my firsty is thirty-eight years old, which means, despite his valiant efforts to stave off any form of maturity, he is far too old for me.  I consider him a near and dear friend, but I could never date him.)
  • Pick one person who shares your birthday and share what you know about them. – Apparently I share my birthday with Donald Sutherland, Phyllis Diller, and David Hasselhoff.  I’ve had a soft spot for Donald Sutherland ever since I saw The Eagle has Landed, a decent movie made out of a brilliant book by Jack Higgins.  Currently he is in the NBC series Crossing Lines, which has grown on me.  (It took me a while to make up my mind that I liked it, and Donald Sutherland is probably the reason I gave it long enough to decide in its favor.)
  • List one notable event that took place on your birthday. – Disneyland opened in California in 1955 on what would eventually be my birthday.  Everyone in SL should dress as a Disney princess (yes, everyone, even the male avatars…) to celebrate my birthday next year…
  • Tell us about a holiday that falls on your birthday. I apparently have the one day of the year there are no holidays as my birthday.  According to wikipedia, there are some religious feast days I’ve never heard of, Constitution Day for South Korea, Independance Day for Slovakia, the King’s Birthday in Lesotho (I couldn’t make this up- really, I couldn’t because I’d never heard of Lesotho and didn’t know it had a monarchy.), and the World Day for International Justice.  The best holiday in the list was the statement that the Eastern Orthodox church has their liturgical celebration of July 17th on July 17th.  It makes a twisted sort of sense, but the mental picture of Eastern Orthodox priests, in their black robes and rimless stovepipe hats, throwing their hands in the air and yelling “Whoo-hoo!  It’s July 17th!  Saints be praised!” just kind of boggles my mind…
Sitting and thinking: What to do next?

Sitting and thinking: What to do next?

Then I thought of writing Strawberry an original poem for her birthday.  Greeting card writers do it, and I’m narcissistic enough to assume I’m smarter then they are, so here goes:

There once was a blogger quite pretty,

Whose posts were so brilliant and witty.

She was named for a fruit, which is really a hoot,

‘Cuz I always think ’bout her titties.

Um, for the record, I am totally going to blame that one on my firsty, because I’m much classier than that.  What I meant, is next I wanted to sing Happy Birthday to Strawberry.  There is one slight technical problem with that of course… My appearance is all mine.  My soul and personality are mostly mine, although messily entwined and melded with my firsty’s.  My voice, unfortunately, is all his.  It’s actually not a bad voice, and I think my firsty should be a little less shy and do more with it- but I’ve no desire to be a deeply resonant baritone, even for Strawberry.  So instead I harvested a few birthday songs off the internet…

In conclusion, happy (belated) birthday Strawberry, and thank you.  I love you and adore you 365, but your birthday is the perfect opportunity to make my gratitude explicit (Firsty, quit leering, I don’t mean that kind of explicit!) and underscore what a huge difference you make as a mentor, guru, salon hostess, and even padawan to all of us who bask in your shadow.  My Second Life is richer and I have more connections to the arts community of Second Life because of you.  Thank you, Berry, Thank you very much!

  1. zeesl says:

    LOL Omg, your ditty about the titty. Thanks for the mention, or more importantly thanks for reading my babbles. I didn’t think anyone actually do, they just skim through the pictures, which is why I make the credits so accessible. XD Berry should see this tribute! ❤

  2. Shae Marquis says:

    Both of my birthdays are November 23rd, just a few months after yours for my firsty 😉 and I wish I could actually write like you (witty and thoughtful), Zee (hilarious and totally free), or omg Strawberry (is there a hat she doesn’t wear, literally?)! Whenever I start to write though, it just devolves into long rambles that very few can (or care to) make sense of (at one point in my life I truly wanted to be a writer, I wrote endless poetry and there’s a folder of life memoires buried on my hard drive for my family) but sometimes I feel like I want to write more again, I kind of miss it. I got out of the habit because of tumblr, people there seem almost offended if you use text.. I’ve been considering using verses fro my old poetry to set up images, to be honest.. This post is a fantastic tribute, I feel much the same way about Strawberry though I couldn’t have said it nearly as well!

    • emilymarik says:

      What really struck me was the Gertrude Stein comparison… It’s not really something I know a lot about, just half-remembered classroom lectures augmented by a quick internet search, but the image of Strawberry gathering a pool of talented writers and fashion crafters and artists around her, an artist herself but also a catalyst to greater creativity around her just struck me. I feel so lucky just to hang out on the fringes and learn, I truly do!

  3. Awwww, this post had me half-crying and half-blushing. So very sweet of you to say all these things about me when in reality I just like being goofy on my blog and truly enjoy seeing people be goofy along with me. Life is short and there for enjoyment so why not just participate and have some fun? Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all your kind words and for taking the time to participate in my memes. ❤

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