Just chillin’ for a bit…

Posted: September 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Can't go anywhere 'til I'm done camping...

Can’t go anywhere ’til I’m done camping…

WHAT I’M WEARING: A cute little number called ‘angelic bunny’ by Envious.  It’s a cute little white minidress with light pink trim.  The ‘angelic’ part of the outfit is general whiteness and laciness of the dress, plus petite white wings.  The ‘bunny’ portion of the dress is the bunny ears that flop down and the big pink boots of the sort associated with anime nekos (Bitter Bunny has a lot of cute costumes with those super big boots.  I’m not a huge fan of the big furry boots; I like boots that look like you could kick someone in the shin if you had to; Still, the look has a lot of adherents.)  I felt both the angel and bunny portions of the outfit could use a little extra umph, so I added a halo from a ‘Cheeky Lil Angel’ costume and a twitching bunny tail from a furry bunny avatar I have.  I’m using the Giselle skin from Egoxentrikax.  For tattoos, I added a salvation/cross tattoo from Prozak on my back and the ‘Lick my Boobies’ tattoo from Egoxentrikax on my chest.  (What you mean ‘Lick my Boobies’ isn’t an angelic sort of tattoo?  Mea culpa!) The hair is the Katie II in Shiny from  The shape is my old stand-by (do I even need to say ‘Gigi Teen from Kids5B’ anymore?) and the only jewelry I’m wearing today is my nose and lip rings.

WHERE I’M AT: My firsty has to run a few errands during what was supposed to be my time tonight, so I’m just going to camp in a prize chair here at Grumble, Grumble.  I’m going to make a silly newbie confession: I just tonight noticed that the camping chairs all have arrows so you can scroll through two dozen choices of what you camp for… so I’m putting a clock on my silly firsty, picking the 500 L$ gift card with its three hour camp time.  The clock started when I sat down to make this post, and I’m going to start doing stuff once I get the gift card whether my firsty is ready or not….

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: Two things.  One, over the last few weeks I’ve been on a little voyage of discovery over the possibility that my firsty and I might have (well, probably have, but allow me some denial) adult ADD.  I now have an appointment to talk over what that means with my doctor, an e-mail dialogue started with a professor associated with my firsty’s church for a second opinion, and some books on request at the local library about the interaction between giftedness and ADD in adults.  (PS big thanks to the blogger “nerdy woman” who gave me a heads up on SENG and their resources and suggestions.)  I’m still gathering information, but I’m moving forward, and saying something here to keep myself accountable.  Thanks for listening.   Two, I heard the song “No Going Back” from Sick Puppies for the first time today and thought it was worth sharing…


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