I’ve been waiting, for a girl like you…

Posted: September 28, 2013 in Writing Prompt
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"Like a cross between Heidi Fleiss and Smurfette...."

“Like a cross between Heidi Fleiss and Smurfette….”

WHAT I’M WEARING: Oh my god!  Is this a cool look or what?  I’m just tickled pink (well, more like tickled blue) with how everything came together on this one.  The skin is Rainbow Dash from Niekra’s Dreams.  I got it from a Gatcha machine in their location at Katznip’s Wonderland while I was doing the Alice in Boobieland Hunt during my last post.  The shape is the V3 Bossay “brick house booty” shape from Alady Island…I was going to do a younger shape, but this look ended up being provocative enough that I felt I should use a provocative (and older) shape to go with it.  The hair is Dragee in praline from Rosy Mood.  The dress is ‘Bad Dolly’ from Pinkmare’s House (sadly, a store now defunct, but I still have goodies from there- it was my favorite while it was open.) a beautiful victorian/steampunk style ruffled dress, including pasties for modesty, leather stockings, and a wind-up key sticking from my back.

Of course, to be even more boldly naughty, I needed the proper accessories.  You’ve seen me wear the “lick my boobies” tattoo from Egoxentrikax before.  Out in First Life, where tattoos are more permanent, I would never get a tattoo like that.  Fortunately, it isn’t; they aren’t; I did.  The red leather boots from <P3> were perfect in their primary colored sexiness.  The ‘Vaded’ jewelry set from ellabella added some purple to my outfit.  I found “punk pumpkin glasses” from Old Dirty Bastards in my inventory when I went looking for glasses- the heavy spiked green frames just seemed exactly what my look needed…

Admit it.  You were anticipating this photo, weren't you?

Admit it. You were anticipating this photo, weren’t you?

WHERE I’M AT: I came to Ghostville.  It’s cool, surreal, and beautiful, and my friend Zee recommended it recently.  With good reason.

Mistress of all I survey!

Mistress of all I survey!

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: I just took a look at today’s Daily Post topic from WordPress.com, (yes, this topic here!) which was: When you’re giddy with excitement, does time speed up? Slow down? Tell us about the experience of anticipation.

An interesting prompt.  On one hand, I don’t really do giddy excitement.  I get excited on occasion, yes, but I cannot think of a time when I’ve ever been giddy.  On the other hand, my time perception is truly epic in its awfulness.  Today I was recounting a story my firsty witnessed last week.  Half way through the story, I realized the story involved a reaction to ESPN highlights of the Bengals-Packer game on Sunday.  So he couldn’t have witnessed the story last week, because those highlights have only existed this week.  I thought I was on to something, that maybe there was correlation between my poor time sense and my recent discovery that I potentially have adult ADD.  I did a google search for “add and time perception” to see if there were any studies to back my “insight.”  … Er….   Not an insight after all, apparently poor affinity for the linear flow of time is practically a defining characteristic of ADD.  And once again, our heroine takes one on the chin.  My reminders to myself that nothing is diagnosed, that I may be over reacting, my attempts to be clear that the add I’m referring to is add “that I may or may not have,” are beginning to have a faint hint (that is to say, a pungent reek) of “Methinks the lady doth protest too much.”

Best anecdote to illustrate how anticipation works in my world.  Recently I logged into First Life, got ready for work, headed off to another day of juggling two jobs as my First Life avatar.  Returning home, my darling spouse summoned me down to the kitchen.  “I didn’t touch anything, because I wanted you to see what’s wrong with this picture.”

I look.  I look a second time before I see it.  The toaster is still plugged in.  A jar of dark chocolate infused peanut butter and a jar of Welch’s grape jelly are both sitting next to the toaster with a knife.  Sticking out of the toaster are the two Eggo waffles I toasted almost eleven hours ago.  And my first reaction is for my shoulders to slump, and to announce mournfully “and I was so looking forward to my waffles.”

Likewise, some of my favorite TV series ended their seasons with cliffhangers last spring, and now they are starting up again.  Initially, I was quite upset and concerned and eager to find out how the cliffhangers would resolve, which is the point of cliffhangers after all.  But that was several months ago… if my spouse didn’t keep track of these details for me and make the DVR record, I wouldn’t even be aware that the new seasons had begun.  So I would say the experience of anticipation begins with a keen sense of want and desire, possibly even coveting, but then something shiny comes along and anticipation fades until a reminder is stumbled across…


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