I have seen the future and it is now, only more so…

Posted: September 29, 2013 in Writing Prompt

Really, Word Press?  Yesterday, you get me to write about how my sense of time flow is distorted compared to most people.  Today your assignment is:  Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog — but three years in the future.  Except for me, the difference between three years, a decade, and next month is kind of tough to quantify anyway.  You like challenging me, don’t you…

I'm dying to find out what happens next...

I’m dying to find out what happens next…

WHAT I’M WEARING: (Prediction: My stock format works for me, so although I casually break format if there’s a reason, I will stay with it when there’s no reason not to…)  I brought back a vintage look from 2013 today.  The meredith ‘tweenie’ shape, source by now unknown, provides the short, slim shape that I prefer to wear.  I wrapped that shape in the ‘Astrali’ skin from [Plastik] and the Whisky hair in brown from LoQ.  I also added a couple of tattoos, a facial tattoo from Plastik that came with the skin and the ‘No More Lies’ tattoo on my torso from Orsini.

Clothing-wise, I felt overdue for a more ‘elegant’ look, so I’m wearing the Dina ‘Illusions’ dress from Mohna Lisa Couture.  The heeled sandals are dollarbies from LC’s world of fashion.  After years of saying I need to, I did finally go shoe-shopping last month, but somehow my shoe inventory is still filled with sneakers, heavy boots, and stripper heels.  (Prediction: I love shopping for outfits and hairs, I get plenty of skins from WoW freebies and occasional hunt gifts, but I don’t care for shoe shopping.  I should get myself one or two pair of classy, elegant shoes- something suitable for a business woman or a prom queen to wear- but I’ll probably just continue to make do with cheapies and/or wear semi-inappropriate foot wear with most outfits.)  The jewelry, bangles and earrings, is from my newest sponsor, *JStyle. (Prediction: *JStyle has their own blog and blogging team, in spanish so I’m not really qualified to blog there- however, I have a *JStyle accessory- either jewelry or shoes- in almost every outfit I wear, and I sincerely do feel the *JStyle fashion group is an incredible group for someone wanting to build a good closet of clothes on very little Lindens.  Entering a sponsor-blogger relationship with *JStyle is something I really should do.)

Man, I wish they hadn't carded my avatar at this beach...

Man, I wish they hadn’t carded my avatar at this beach…

WHERE I’M AT: Everywhere and nowhere.  I’ve been searching for a giant pumpkin I need for a photo-shoot and so I’ve been all over the place while I wrote this.  (Prediction: I will not settle down and have my own land/garden/photo-studio/etc.  Even though it would be quicker, I enjoy the random where-am-I? wandering too much.)

Looking Glam?

Looking Glam?

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: Thankfully, today is a quiet Sunday.  My firsty actually has the day off, so we have time to write.  (YAY!)  Once I finish my post, I’ll let my firsty have his turn since he hasn’t guest-blogged for a while, mostly because of the little guy.  Firsty, jr. is still teething, still unhappy about it, and still determined to sure everyone knows he is unhappy.  Fortunately, he finally exhausted himself, so he’s resting up now.  Hopefully he will be calm enough tonight that firsty and Mrs. Firsty can have dinner out without having to ask for the check and leave early.  The only other thing on my mind is some good news from Smashwords, but that is more properly my firsty’s news, so I’ll just tease you and make you wait until he gets the chance to tell you.

(Several predictions. I started this blog about my Second Life experiences, and Second Life will always be an important part of this blog.  However, I’m fascinated by the dichotomy between my first and second life selves, I also want to use this forum to push and practice my writing, and through my daily post responses, I’ve gained some readers and followers who aren’t into Second Life.  It seems likely my blog will deal with both my first and second life experiences, and to find more ways to deal with both.  In three years, my wife and I should have a child- we have a name picked out for a son, and I’m pushing strongly that if we have a daughter we should name her Emily- but the son would probably just be “Firsty, jr.” as far as the blog ever went,  ‘Guest blogging’ where I occasionally post entries as my First Life self rather than through the filter of my Second Life self- kind of like my role model Strawberry occasionally posting as her alt Manberry- will probably be another way I deal with a secondary focus for the blog and preserve the main focus on Second Life.  Finally, I’ve never dealt with Smashwords, but I do hope, by the time three years have passed, to be publishing fiction somehow, and Smashword’s self-publishing paradigm is one of the possible methods I am looking into.)

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