All this, and an elephant too?

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Shopping and an elephant...Is this bliss or what?!?

Shopping and an elephant…Is this bliss or what?!?

WHAT I’M WEARING: I decided to wear something casual to go shopping, so I ended up in the ‘skull punk bunny’ dress from Virtual Attire.  The pink and black, the fact that there are cute little bunnies, but they are cute little bunny SKELETONS (insert crazed laugh here), the cute ruffles and bunny ears and bunny tail, the decidedly grown up shape built into the mesh of the dress- this dress is perfect blending of girly-cute and punk for me!  The dress also comes with some killer boots: thick soles, lots of buckles, heavy punk boots rather than stripper boots- the kind of boot I love, in other words.  Best of all, it’s got a great price (I picked it up in-store, but you can get it from marketplace for only 99 L$).  For the rest of my outfit, I picked the PurplePill/DolceCreme version of the Emilee hair from SugarSmack because I thought it matched my dress.  I’m also wearing the Bridget skin from [KAOS] and the Sara shape from ~Blink~.

WHERE I’M AT:  Shopping.  I need to do another beer tap shoot for my firsty today, one for a pumpkin ale and one for an IPA named after a naval officer.  I picked up a large pumpkin to use as a prop for one shoot, but I wanted a cute and sexy naval officer outfit for the other.  A marketplace search for ‘naval’ made me decide to come down to Fierce Designs (marketplace here, taxi here!)for the ‘Man Over Board’, particularly when I remembered I have $750 in Fierce Designs gift cards.  More accurately, I had gift cards.  Now I have several new outfits: the ‘Business Time’ trench coat, a bridal gown, halloween costumes as batgirl, snow white, Jasmine (from Aladdin), a sexy gothic witch, pirate wench, the man-over-board costume, another sailor-costume fashioned after  modern naval dress whites (but sluttier, of course), and pumpkin-head men’s costume which may be useful for the pumpkin ale shoot.  All this for my gift cards and another $70 or so of my L$.  Can you say “SCORE!”?

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: Trying to remember to keep an eye on the clock, since my Firsty has a doctor’s appointment shortly to push and prod the whole ADD thing a little bit more, to find out what the possible next steps are and if we want to take any of them…

  1. […] excuse to wear this Batgirl costume.  Almost two months ago, I went hog wild with some gift cards at Fierce Designs.  So many cool costumes, and me a cosplay freak… there was […]

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