More modeling for First Life beers…

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Pumped for pumpkin?

Pumped for pumpkin?

WHAT I’M WEARING: More from my recent shopping excursion to Fierce Designs- A 99L$ Halloween Dress.  Cute, sexy, simple… and bright orange since I’m looking to take some shots to make into an ad for a pumpkin ale.  (My opinion is “eewww!” but I suppose fairness dictates I should try it before I pronounce disdainful and contemptuous judgement on the whole ill-conceived notion.)  I returned to the Gigi shape and Tiffany skin (both Kids5B) since that’s what I wore for the Octoberfest tap a week or two ago, although my hair today is the Katie II from [kik].  To accessorize, I added some red bangles from *JStyle, red stockings (source unknown), and black leather kicks from Prozak.  (I also had a tattoo from Orsini, but I ditched it for this photo as it was going to be too small to read in the final piece.)

WHERE I’M AT: Just moving a big pumpkin around my tiny apartment and taking the pictures here.

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: I also tried some shots with the same outfit and the pumpkin-head from the Mr. Pumpkinhead men’s costume I also picked up during my mad shopping excursion.  For the record, a Jack-o-lantern head isn’t very sexy… I officially disapprove.

An alternative attempt I didn't care for...

An alternative attempt I didn’t care for…


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