The Girl’s in the Hood!

Posted: October 5, 2013 in Sponsor Posts
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Yeah, I'm just cool like this...

Yeah, I’m just cool like this…

WHAT I’M WEARING: This is the Star 69 hoodie and leggings set that [DUMB BLOND] released for the Stalkerazzi event.  The hoodie is so long it’s practically a dress, so I’ll admit I was a little torn: wear it with the leggings and sneakers it comes with, wear it with one of my many sets of jeans, or go with stockings and combat boots.  All are viable options, a good thing for the mix-and-match crowd, but I stayed with leggings and sneakers since this is a sponsor post.  For a shape, I stayed with the Meyko, particularly since Mesh clothing generally brings its own shape anyhow.  My skin was the Dee in “midnight” from Glamorize.  The Sherry blonde hair is unknown source.  And the only accessories I added were the Punk Pumpkin glasses from Old Dirty Bastard and a ring from (now defunct) Fat Mama’s.

WHERE I’M AT: I came down to pose in front of the display for the hoodie set I’m offering, here at the [DUMB BLOND] mainstore.  (You can also by it in marketplace.)

WHAT’S ON MY MIND:  75!  This is my 75th WordPress Post, a fact which makes me feel very real and official and stuff.  I’ve admitted before, and I’ll probably admit again, I blog mostly for me.  It’s my escape from the stresses of First Life, a chance to see beautifully crafted sims and wear beautiful clothes and skins and shapes, and a place to examine my own thoughts and play with my own ideas.  Still, while I’ve been doing this, I’ve found an audience and interacted with them, which has been pure gravy and bonus, but wonderful gravy and bonus.  I’m often in my own little world, somewhere neither in First nor Second Life yet intersecting both, so I’ve often lax in saying thank you.  But thank you everyone who reads this and gives me the chance to express myself out here in cyberspace.  You make my world brighter, and I hope I occasionally return the favor.

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