Gimme some yummy, Part II (The Candy Fair Strikes Back!)

Posted: October 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Don’t worry, I’m not bruised.  I haven’t been kicked, punched, beaten, or mauled.  (Although, with a bunch of sweet shops gathered on three sims for a candy-themed shopping bonanza of tricks and treats, mostly treats, you could claim I’ve been malled.  Just sayin’)

Treat or treat!  (I'm not turning tricks, I'm not that sort of girl...)

Treat or treat! (I’m not turning tricks, I’m not that sort of girl…)

Once again, the first step in a great shopping trip (or really, the first step in anything fun) is to dress for the part.  Since I’m looking for Candy Fair goodies and Halloween is just around the corner, I wanted an outfit that I could really go door to door in… The dress is “Truffles” a nice gothic pseudo-victorian number from Pinkmare’s House, back when Pinkmare’s House was open.  The little black bowler with the flower came with the dress and was what really said “clown” in my imagination, so that the rest followed.  I wanted to add a little color to the black and white dress, so I added some red, white, and blue bangles that Grumble, Grumble sold for the 4th of July and a bright (source unknown) tattoo of fairies and butterflies.  My sneakers are ‘Juicy’, a cute Grumble Candy Fair item, white lady’s sneakers with a cherry print, and the bright pink vampire trick or treat bag is another Grumble Candy Fair item.  For a skin, I chose a teen skin with pimples and braces from Fierce Designs- after all even if the scientific evidence is unclear, pimples and bad diet are firmly linked in popular belief.  Not that the acne showed up once I added the clown face tattoo layer from Pekka (I believe as a gift or hunt item, since it is much sillier than the make-up and piercings Pekka has in the marketplace).  My hair was Dragee from Rosy Mood, which I rationalized as a good choice for Candy Fair because the color was “honey.”

Pink Sugah.  Yeah, I spent some Lindens here...

Pink Sugah. Yeah, I spent some Lindens here…

For my return to Candy Fair, I decided to spend time in the Candy Cove sim.  (Taxi here!)  (Needless to say, I do plan on a ‘Gimme some yummy III’ where I shop the Sweet Surprises sim also.)  Once again, I unfolded my free map to try to pick the most important stores to hit first.  For me, the choices were Pink Sugah (one of the sponsors of Candy Cove, and thus conveniently near the landing point), Toxic High, Sugar and Cyanide, and Blah (all in the donut turn clothing area), and WoW skins (which you know is a perennial favorite of mine for Skins and Shapes).  I also decide to make sure I hit Pekka since I have been meaning to get some more make-up, and tracking down the clown makeup reminded me that Pekka has some very nice stuff in the marketplace.

Oh, gosh, where do I nom first?

Oh, gosh, where do I nom first?

My take aways?  I got some nice stuff from Pink Sugah and from Blah, so I’m temporarily broke again.  I saw some really lovely tattoos at Identity.  I didn’t necessarily want the candy themed ones they had at the fair, but I was excited to see tattoos with a little more color than the Orsini tattoos I normally swap between and some sleeve or legging tattoos so I can move my tattoos around a bit more.  I’m definitely checking them out on marketplace once I get my next allowance.  Oh, and I got to spend the morning shopping and writing about it… I definitely love my life!


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