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Posted: October 12, 2013 in Monday Meme
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Strawberry’s Monday Meme for the week is a fun one.  (Check it out here if you haven’t yet!)  Essentially, Berry is asking what we avatars get up to when our firsties are not logged in, moving us around like little puppets.  I have a different conceit.

A conceited conceit, perhaps?

A conceited conceit, perhaps?

Now for the record, when I say I have a conceit, I am not describing my (high, but deservedly so) opinion of myself.  Rather I’m referring to the literary definition, a fanciful or whimsical image, generally involving an extended or elaborate comparison.  (See, my blog isn’t just about cuteness and whimsey, it is also educational!)  Strawberry isn’t the only blogger who maintains the idea that her SL self has her own existence, that when she is offline, her avatar does its own thing and then makes sure that she is back in place before log-on.  My friend Shaedyn (check her out at Shaedynlee.com; she is well worth the read, and has a great fashion sense!) maintains a similar whimsey.  It’s a fine little daydream, it makes me chuckle and it also reminds me of the toys in Toy Story… my conceit is just slightly different.

When I refer to my firsty, it is short for “First Life Avatar.”  I don’t talk about logging out of Second Life but about logging into First Life.  My whimsey isn’t that my firsty and I are separate entities, overlapping when he is at the computer and independent when he isn’t.  Instead, I decided that Second Life is as least as real as so-called First Life and pretend that we are each playing the other.  I’m pushing buttons on the keyboard, moving him around, chatting up various coworkers and customers, discreetly checking out hotties in the area… not really that different from what I do day to day.  So when I’m logged into first life, I’m actually being fairly sedentary compared to when I’m out shopping and flirting and being cute.

CREDITS: My desk, chair, and computer are from Furniture011.  I don’t often give furnishing or pose credits, but in this case the computer was kind of central to the picture I needed to take.  I’m wearing the Dark Miss dress from [Revenge], a sadly out-of-business store.  Sad because I thought their outfits were very cool.  My accessories all came from Grumble, Grumble (bangles, glasses, facial tattoo) and *Jstyle (earrings, boots, necklace).  The skin is Vodka from Egoxentrikax, and the hair is Marcella from Miss Canning.  (The shape, Tiffany, is source unknown, although I believe I got it from the free avatar sets available at Zoha Island Mall…)

Kicking back while I plan my next move.

Kicking back while I plan my next move.

Just needed to stretch a bit...

Just needed to stretch a bit…

PostScript: Since we sort of strayed into “through the looking glass” territory, my firsty dreaming that he is me dreaming of being him and so forth down the rabbit hole, it seemed appropriate to end with a video of the Cruxshadows song, “Wake the White Queen.”

  1. Very interesting take on the meme and I guess when you really think about it, it’s pretty accurate, we are logging into our first lives when we log out of second life.

  2. Shae Marquis says:

    That’s brilliant! I hadn’t even considered that idea, I love it! I think you may be on to something too, first me almost considered going out dancing tonight but second me wanted to try on my new bum instead.. It’s worth it really, second me is letting first me stuff face with chicken fingers and have a Dexter overload before bed thus completely sidestepping the rum dance headache we would have had tomorrow 😉

    Also you look fantastic, Ems! I really love the net front on that dress! The whole look is super fierce!

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