Temporary Immortality?

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Writing Prompt
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Ah, the joys of being a person who over thinks stuff.  I was checking out today’s WordPress Daily Prompt, and realized depending on perspective it was actually four different prompts.  The question was: Your personal sculptor is carving a person, thing, or event from the last month of your life into the glistening marble of immortality. What’s the statue and what makes it so significant?  Whenever I look at the daily prompt I have to ask whether the “you” in the question is me or my firsty.  The other ambiguity is does “the last month of my life” mean the most recent month, the time frame from Sept 14th through Oct 13th, 2013 or does it mean the final month, the last month before I die (hopefully not Sept 14th through Oct 13th, 2013)?  I waffled briefly on which perspective to use, and then decided, what the hey, lets answer them all.

Art is where you find it

Art is where you find it.

Firsty, recent: The easiest perspective to answer, so easy it’s almost a copout.  A statue of him and his wife, the preferred pose something along the lines of him with his arm around her, her snuggling into his chest and looking up, him kissing her on her forehead.  A statue that shows the steady comforting warmth of the marriage, the way he wouldn’t want to live without her.  It’s not that anything new or different happened recently, just that his wife is always the most important and most significant part of his life.  When I let my firsty guest-blog last week, he admitted he’s jealous of me because I’m writing.  If you flip it around, I’m jealous of him because he has that very special someone in First Life, and love is probably the only thing out there better than writing.  Well, maybe mocha, but probably just love.

Flashback: Me as a statue of me...

Flashback: Me as a statue of me on my July date with Rodvik…

Me, recent: Benefit of having a blog that is “part diary”…I can look back at the last month’s entries and decide what is most significant… Once I looked at my entries for the past month, the answer was glaringly obvious.  The entries I’m proudest of are the ones where I feel I stretched or grew as a writer.  Writing is as important and significant to this half of my bifurcated soul as love is to the other half.  (Bifurcated = divided into two forks or branches.  See, I’ve said before and I’ll say again: my blog is educational!)  So the question is how to show writing in a statue… I picture a lap top, open, with a feminine hand emerging from it and writing on a piece of parchment with a quill pen.  I’m actually wishing I had the skills to be a sculptor, even if only with virtual prims, because I can imagine this sculpture and it would look pretty damn awesome.

Vacation snapshot?

Vacation snapshot?

Firsty, final:  A brief pause, because I have little clue when my firsty’s allotted time will run out.  But I shall be optimistic.  My firsty shall achieve success in all that is important to him.  He and I will achieve a comfortable accommodation on how to share our self.  He will live to ripe old age and pass peacefully when the time comes.  A beautiful statue would be of old-age firsty, sitting on a comfortable chair, reading from a book to a small child, hopefully a grandson who looks remarkably like one of the two nephews he dotes upon now, who is curled up in his lap.  His wife will be leaning on the chair looking over his shoulder and smiling serenely.  The book will have the phrase “by Emily Marik” somewhere on its cover.  The statue will show the importance of family, and a loving marriage that has remained warm and comforting over decades, and that we have succeeded as an author.

Kickin' it back....

Kickin’ it back….

Me, final: Again, a pause while I think about possible futures and outcomes, looking for one that is both plausible and optimistic.  I think the statue I want for my final month is simply a small marble tombstone engraved with my name, my rez-day, and the date of my final rezzing.  Maybe a brief eulogy engraved as well, something like “She made our days a little brighter.”  And I want my firsty to keep that small marble tombstone as a paperweight on his desk.  My firsty invests a little bit of money and a slightly larger bit of time into my existence, and the return on his investment is some of the priceless things- beauty, joy, pride,- that make life brighter and the chance and forum to write.  Look closely at the title of my blog again: I’m acknowledging that my Second Life existence is trivial, frivolous, and sometimes shallow, but that I’m ok with that because it is time well wasted. Someday down the road, things may change, and my firsty may not be able to squeeze any time to waste from his schedule, no matter how well he wastes it.  That little tombstone will be a symbol that even if I only existed here in a virtual plane, I had a realness to me that was worth memorializing.  My father once told me, you only get to be on this world for a short time, so be sure to leave the world better than you found it.  I may ‘only’ be a collection of pixels and thoughts and ideas, but I nevertheless want the world to better for my having been here.

CREDITS: That would be the proper place to play a stirring soundtrack and fade to black, but as always I have a few designers to acknowledge before I do so… Shape: Standard Size Large, a freebie from Virtual Attire.  Skin: from Fetisch Doll, part of the Latex Street Slut outfit.  The fingerless gloves, boots, and fishnet stockings were all part of the same outfit.  Hair: Hadley, in Fantasy Colors (16 different shades, switched by HUD!), from Tameless Hair, at LC’s world of Fashion.  Dress: Innocence from Sugar & Cyanide.  Accessories: Blueberry Creme Lipstick from [DUMB BLOND], Rose Breast Tattoo from Prozak, a few other goodies, source sadly unknown…

Good night to all… may your life be ever brighter, and may your light spread ever forward…

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