Faire to Middlin’

Posted: October 15, 2013 in Guest Blogged!
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There is nothing wrong with your computer.  Do not attempt to adjust the picture.  We have taken over this blog.  If we wish to make it louder, WE WILL TYPE IN ALL CAPS.  If we wish to make it softer, we will change the font to a whisper.  We will control the pictures.  We will control the content.  You are about to experience the awe and randomness that extends from my inner mind to- the outer limits of sanity.

I wanted to go to the fair, and all I got were these pumpkins!

I wanted to go to the fair, and all I got were these pumpkins!

Hello!  I’m Matt, Emily’s “firsty”.  I didn’t think I would be guest blogging for Emily again quite so soon, but I had a day that I could relate better than she could.  Sunday, I pulled a few strings to get out of work at either job so that my wife and I could spend the day at the Ohio Renaissance Festival.  It’s one of my favorite events, I used to go multiple times every year, and it was one of my great regrets that over the past few years I’ve been lucky if I made it once.  The day was great: The weather was wonderful, my wife and I got to see several enjoyable shows, we shopped ’til we dropped, we had some festival food.  It was a success.

In a sense, it was also Emily’s first chance to ‘log into First Life’ and experience the Ren-Fest.  Since Em’s rezzday was in May 2011, this was actually her third Ren-Fest season, but I never made it there last year and she wasn’t as fully developed or active a personality back in 2011.  It was amusing when I realized that while my wife and I were wandering the town of temporary shops and pubs, I was comparing it to Emily’s recent trips to the Candy Fair.  While we watched a performance by the Kamikaze Fireflies, I loved their mix of vaudeville stunts and snarky banter, but I also found myself thinking how much Emily would love Casey’s performance outfits.  (Skimpy, sexy, slightly gothy… Apparently there was a real version of Pinkmare’s House somewhere in First Life…)  When my wife and I were wandering through the shops, it was the Emily impulse within me that made me say, “Ooh, I want try that hat on.” because I generally hate any shopping that isn’t for books.  (Expensive impulse, by the way, because my wife followed me over and liked the hats even more than I did.  We are now each the proud owner of suede newsboy caps, which are not terribly period for a Ren-Fest, but do look pretty damn awesome.)

Lunar Morning 7 is a great windlights setting for a "night" picture...

Lunar Morning 7 is a great windlights setting for a “night” picture…

Speaking of not period for a Ren-Fest, does anyone else find this odd?  Let me preface by saying I love cosplay.  I absolutely freaking love cosplay.  I always enjoy looking at a pretty girl, but put her in a costume and the wow-factor just grew exponentially.  And just like comic or game or sci-fi conventions, Ren-Fests bring the cosplayers out in force, and I’m really OK with that.  I would say at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, maybe 35-45% of the audience is in costume, and maybe 40-50% is not.  (Math people will note that I’ve just failed to account for 5-25% of the people…those were the folks who weren’t “in costume” but had “in costume” accessories, such as the woman I saw wearing blue jeans, a Bengals jersey, and a plumed leather hat.)  This isn’t the odd part, this is all still preface.  Now most of the people in costumes were in a particular period gear.  Elizabethan dress.  Pirates of the Carribean.  Scottish Highlanders.  Viking maurauders.  Some added a fantasy twist.  I saw a woman who wore a black elizabethan dress, but also had elf ears and a large hand and a half bastard sword strapped to her back.  Kind of amusing since there was no practical way to actually wield the sword in the outfit she was wearing.  I also saw orcs and fairies and one Tolkein dwarf.  The weaponry booths all carried both weaponry modeled after historical weaponry and modeled after fantasy and role-playing themes.  We’re still not into the odd part.  Purists might get a little snobby about the fantasy stuff, but the fantasy stuff sells, most fantasy world building involves an anachronistic mish-mash of medieval and renaissance styles, and since medieval folks believed in magic, if not necessarily the flavor of magic in modern fantasy, the presence of fantasy themed stuff really isn’t that odd.

On the other hand, I also saw some one dressed as the fourth iteration of Dr. Who (the one with the scarf), some one dressed as Jesus, complete with crown of thorns and bloody wrists, a couple of cowboys (complete with rifles and six guns, so they weren’t just folks who like denim), and a small child in an Iron Man costume.  This is where I wonder, is this odd?  Is it supposed to be ironic to wear costumes that don’t fit the event theme, but are equally obviously not “just every day wear.”  I mean, I suppose Dr. Who, thanks to the Tardis, can claim to be an appropriate costume for any event, and everyone else can claim they got a ride from Dr. Who, but it just really struck me.

I can dance if I want to, I can leave your friends behind...

I can dance if I want to, I can leave your friends behind…

Anyway three last, quick asides.  One, the pics of Emily in this post feature a Lavender Fairie Princess gown from Sukie’s Silken Fashions.  The ears came with an elf outfit from Virtual Attire.  The skin is Doll from *Jstyle and the hair is Calla’s ImSoPreddy in Dark Frost.  Two, I was astonished when I got online this morning and say how much traffic I recieved from Strawberry mashing my ideas about digital footprint in with her google meme.  Wow.  Thanks, Berry, and Thanks everyone who came by.  Three, my wife and I were both REALLY impressed by the Kamikaze Firefly act we watched, so I went and found a youtube video to show anyone who’s interested…



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  3. Giocosity says:

    Thanks for linking my post here! The Ohio Ren fest is so much fun, isn’t it? I enjoyed reading your post – thanks!

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