Gimme Some Yummy, part III (Return of the Shopper)

Posted: October 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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What, me worry?

What, me worry?

I’m back to the Candy Fair!  Yay!  I get to spend some money.  More yay!  (After all, what else am I going to do?  Take it with me?  Pshaw!)  Since I’m a little time deprived (still?  again?  whatever…) I didn’t pick an outfit just for Candy Fair this time, just grabbed and tried a new gift, a complete avatar, the Beatrice from *avd*.  Shape and skin with multiple make up options, two outfits- a little black dress and the tied mesh top and mini skirt I’m wearing.  To be honest, I would only grade this gift as a B- or C+, and I will discard most of it when I change.  The mesh stuff was in the normal standard 5 sizes (L,M,S,XS,XXS) and the shape was curvy enough that it didn’t really fit any of the clothes it came with, both sticking through the clothes and having alpha gaps.  Which would be no big deal, except they came together to be used together… did the designer not try the outfit on before he/she boxed it up to give it away?  That said, a) the skin is very nice, particularly with the tattoo layer “intensse freckles” added, b) it’s a little tacky for me to gripe about a free gift, c) I’ve got the standard size shapes to use anyway (Thanks, Virtual Attire!).  So I will put my soapbox away and get on with the shopping trip… Oh, the one thing the avatar didn’t include was hair, so I’m wearing a source unknown red ponytail that goes well with the pale skin and freckles.

Do you ever have that dream you're eating a giant marshmallow?  And then you wake up and your pillow is missing....

Do you ever have that dream you’re eating a giant marshmallow? And then you wake up and your pillow is missing….

Of course, since I visited the other two sims in my earlier Candy Fair posts, for this visit I’m at the Sweet Surprises sim (Taxi!)  This sim has a small kids area, a clothing area, and a poses and animations area.  Given that my default shape is a teen, and I have a few teen and pre-teen shapes I use I rush breathlessly to the kiddie area.  Bit of a bummer, since the designers there are dedicated to stuff to work with the toddletoo mesh kid shape.  It may be cool, but it’s outside my experience and not something I’m going to toy with today.  Since I intend to save the poses for last, on to the big girl clothing!

A check of the map yields a few must see vendors. Bitter Bunny Designs tops the list, with a bunch of deliciously-patterned mesh dresses and food-shaped bras.  All very affordable too.  I make a note to flee the building before I spend my whole allowance, and to maybe come back.  I also see some great formal style dresses at Ava Girl.  Although those are a temptation easier to resist, as how often do I truly dress formal?  (It’s okay if you use my earlier posts as crib notes.  The point is the correct answer is “not very.”)  I’m not familiar with Pretty Kittie, but as I examine their booth, I think that is something I need to correct.  The stuff they have out for Candy Fair is freakin’ gorgeous!

Jump, jump, for this pose!

Jump, jump, for this pose!

Still, I manage to tear myself away from the pretty clothing to check out poses.  I do have a pose Hud that I don’t really understand that well.  It has 120 or so ‘boob friendly’ poses on its card, (by boob friendly, I mean I can wear lolas and not stick my hands through the boobs when I pose…) and every other week or so I tell myself I need to learn how to add and subtract poses from that card… there are poses that involve lying in midair or underground, not terribly useful to me, that I would like to delete or move up or down to ground level.  I’d also like to name the poses something other then pose1, pose2, pose3, …  The new names don’t have to be definitive, just something so I know which poses are what other than trying them all.  Anyway, my point, is I can use new poses that I can use or reuse when taking pictures for my modest little blog…   Although after I wander around, I don’t see anything that seems ready to replace the ‘Boobies Pose Hud’… note to self, investigate further later.  Meanwhile, I need to go back to the Bitter Bunny booth… See y’all later!

  1. zeesl says:

    Haha, “pose1”, “pose2″…LOL. I relate! There is a better HUD that is easier to understand, at least to me. And installing poses in it is just a matter of dropping it into the installer, and deleting it can be done by scrolling. When we’re inworld together at the same time next time.

    Seems like life is getting even hectic-ier for you, please take care! ❤

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