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Posted: October 20, 2013 in Sponsor Posts
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I woke up this morning, simultaneously purposeful and at loose ends.

Purposeful: An opportunity to write, always the high point of my day.  A new outfit (details will follow) from [DUMB BLOND] that I just had to share.

At loose ends: I knew the outfit I wanted to use for my pictures, but not the location.  (I suppose you could say I knew wear but not where…)  There isn’t really anything on my mind, either.  No interesting First Life news to relate, nothing on my mind that I was bursting to share.  I want to write, but if I break out my standard “What I’m Wearing/Where I’m At/What’s on My Mind” format, I’m one for three.  In baseball, that’s acceptable.  In blogging, not so much….  So I did what any self-respecting blogger would do when she doesn’t have enough ideas of her own: I stole someone else’s idea, once again visiting’s daily post

In the words of LMFAO, I'm sexy and I know it!

In the words of LMFAO, I’m sexy and I know it!

WHAT I’M WEARING: [DUMB BLOND], one of my sponsors, has some new outfits out for the Halloween Season, and this cute and sexy dress is one of them.  It’s name is “Evil Kitty”, it is actually one of a pair of mesh dresses that come with sexy mesh boots and two pairs of ripped leggings so that you can do some mix and match if, like me, you are into that sort of thing.  It’s going to retail for 350 L$.  I’ll admit my first response was that 350 was a bit high, although justified because the boots are really nice boots.  (You know me, I love my boots!)  Fortunately, right now Evil Kitty is on sale, so you can pick it up for just 175 L$, either by going to marketplace or by taking a taxi to the store.

As for the rest of my outfit… my shape today is the Meyko from Egoxentrikax and the skin is the Amar from WoW Skins.  My blond hair is the lovely Katie II from [kik] hair.  I went fairly accessory-lite today.  I’ve got my ubiquitous source-unknown nose ring and a punky ruby and barbed wire necklace I pulled from an outfit from [AdN] designs, and that is it.

Go ahead, take a closer look at this amzing boot!

Go ahead, take a closer look at this amzing boot!

WHERE I’M AT: It amused me in my last post that when I did a search for the word “incredible” in places, that the most popular destination was a sim named Lesbian Island.  Then I went there, and found some beautiful pictures.  Well, in the daily prompt today, the ‘word’ was : Photographers, artists, poets: show us FREE.  So I looked up ‘Free’ in the Second Life search widget.  Truthfully, there was no surprise on what came up this time… every sim that claims to have ‘free sex’ in their key words is going to have ‘free’ in their key words as well.  Still, I had decided to pick my photo destination by search word roulette so here I am in the Syn City Urban Roleplay sim, featuring kidnapping, BDSM combat, and forced sex.

Still, I’m brave and a little bit stupid, so I decided to check it out.  The initial landmark was to an alley of vendors, offering a mix that is mostly Sex Huds (25-30%), Collars/Cuffs/Gags (10%), and slutty clothing for hookers and hooker-wannabes to wear (the rest).  I made a mental note to come back, and look more closely at the clothes.  Don’t judge me.  Anyway, at the other end of the alley was a teleporter to the rest of the sim.  I joined the sims group, promptly labeling myself as a Syn City ‘Deviant’, and went exploring.  Actually kind of boring.  I was prepared to play along with any role playing action, but of course I was ignored as an outsider by all the people I saw in the sim and I was a little too timid to poke someone and interrupt them if they were doing something.  I visited a bar, a brothel, a park, a bank.  The vendors in the alley were the only mental note I made.

Well, I did get to dance on a pole.  That was kind of fun!

Well, I did get to dance on a pole. That was kind of fun!

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: The rest of the wordpress prompt was: Tell us about the blog post you were most nervous to publish — and what it was like to set it free.  I’m not actually sure if publishing a blog post is setting it free, or an attempt to pin down a thought into words.  Terry Pratchett, in his Discworld series, has talked about inspirations and ideas sleeting across the galaxy until they hit the right mind to receive them.  I certainly don’t feel as if I have some spring of words and ideas bubbling up inside me, waiting to be released.  I love writing, and I feel like I am more real, more alive, more vibrant when I write.  If anything, however, I’m waving a metaphorical butterfly net, capturing some of the raw mistiness around me, and then teasing and molding it into a shape.  I’m creating a story or a vignette or an image, something that pleases me and hopefully pleases others around me.  My emotional “I-did-it!” response feels more to me like I would imagine an architect feels on seeing his building completed or a carpenter as he finishes his work… I’ve made a something out of nothing, rather then released something that was confined or contained.  Different metaphor, different feel and response.

At the moment, my most nervous post is the one that everyone will have seen… This blog is, just like it says in the fine print, a journal of what I do when I’m wasting time in Second Life and a photo-journal of the pretty outfits I wear while I’m doing it.  I also experiment from time to time: I’ve posted a poem, and mean to do that again.  I posted a short scene from a story I would like to write.  I’ve dropped my usual writing voice to allow my ‘firsty’ to guest blog for me.  The first time I let my firsty guest blog was the post that made me nervous.  There is a certain fear of rejection that any blogger has to overcome.  What if they don’t like me?  What if I’m not a cool enough writer, and once again I metaphorically end up as the fat kid who never gets picked for dodge ball?  Although there is an awful lot of overlap between my firsty and I- there would have to be, if you think about it- I got nervous about sharing his voice.  We all ‘know’ that behind everyone in Second Life is somebody in First Life who may or may not be wildly different from who we see in Second Life, but we don’t (or at least I don’t) think about it that much unless they make a big deal about it.  By allowing my firsty to guest blog, to post about the way he and I interact from his view rather than my view, I was making that big deal.  I was risking my quiet friendships and interactions with other SL bloggers.  I was adding the risk I might feel the need to make awkward explanations in Second Life, just like my firsty sometimes feels awkward trying to explain Second Life to people in First Life who don’t ‘get it’.

Instead, in part because I also used this post to pitch an idea to Strawberry Singh, this post has become my most seen post and gave me a record number of “hits”.  It is also my most commented post, 19 comments, some of which are ‘just’ ping backs and some of which had something to say as well.  It’s brought me more attention, and the comments have reassured me that even if First Life doesn’t get Second Life, Second Life gets First Life, so my experiment has gone well and I feel relieved.  And once again, a thank you to those who take the time to read my words.

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