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Posted: October 30, 2013 in Guest Blogged!, Monday Meme
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“Welcome back, everyone, to the Blogetty Blah Blah show!  If you missed part one, we are talking with Emily Marik, the gorgeous fashion writer behind SL: Time Well Wasted, and Matt, a.k.a. firsty, her counterpart and alter ego in the mysterious game of First Life.  The subject is Halloween, and we are using questions from beloved web icon and rock star of Second Life blogging, Strawberry Singh!”

(Brief pause for wildly exuberant audience applause.)

Forgive me sister, for I have lusted in my heart...

Forgive me sister, for I have lusted in my heart…

“I, of course, am Ted Bogus, your host for Blogetty Blah Blah.  Before we continue, I want to compliment Emily on the quick costume change she pulled during the break.  You look fabulous!  As a fashion blogger, did you have anything you wanted to say about your costume?”

Matt: Am I allowed to say she makes me wish I was Catholic?

Emily: (sticks her tongue out) No, because religion is too controversial a subject for a blog that devotes itself to the shallow joys of life: looking pretty, wandering through Second Life, and rambling about whatever flight of fancy crosses my mind.  More importantly, it’s my turn to speak.

This outfit is mostly the ‘Nymphomaniac Nun’ from FetischDoll, including the skin and rather wasp-waisted shape.  The outfit is intended as a role play outfit I believe, because although the undergarments are latex and very slutty, the included skirt is actually respectably floor length.  Fortunately I was able to overcome that bit of respectability.  The skirt I’m wearing comes from the Sister Chastity outfit from Reasonable Desires, a 125 L$ nun costume that includes both respectable and naughty versions.  Do I need to say I like the naughty one better?

“You just did.  Before the break, Matt told us a story about a vivid Halloween memory.  Do you have any particularly vivid Halloween memories you would like to share?”

Emily: There’s a story that’s weighing on me, although it only barely qualifies.  Last spring I was talking with a teenage girl, the daughter of a friend of a family member- one of those tenuous connections where you recognize each other but don’t really know each other.  Because it was coming up, I asked her who she going to prom with this year.  I expected a certain gossipy chatter about which of the popular kids was taking her, names that would pass in one ear and out the other because I’m not in that circle.  Instead she started crying.  The halloween part of the story is a halloween party she went to.  She was dressed in a red riding hood costume showing a lot of leg, the sort I would wear without a qualm. It was a wild high school party- you know the type: a larger house, crowded with teenagers, cans of cheap beer, and loud music, suspiciously empty of any sort of responsible adult presence.  One of the popular jocks brought her a cup of “good stuff”, premixed margarita, and somehow on one solo cup of margarita and one can of beer she got woozy, everything-spinning-and-blurry drunk.  Bad things happened.  She woke up in the master bedroom with a classmate’s arm around her and disturbing memory fragments.  She’s not even sure if the guy in the memories is the host of the party, the jock who brought her the margarita, the guy she woke up with, or just a dream.  The vivid memory for me is sitting there like a deer in headlights, caught in this flood of grief, wanting to have something to say to comfort her and make her feel better, the whole time aware that I’ve got nothing.  And oh, yeah, also aware that somewhere inside my head is a little tiny voice connecting this dot to some other dots to make a story I want to try publishing and feeling like a bit of a bitch for having that detached sense of self when I wish I had a more empathic way to respond.  It’s weird… once you catch the writing bug, there is a piece of you that is always the writer…

"Oh, baby, eat me like a vegetable…"  A statement just layered with wrongness...

“Oh, baby, eat me like a vegetable…” A statement just layered with wrongness…

“Since you and Matt both fancy yourself as writers, I’ll amend the next question.  What is the scariest book or movie you’ve ever seen?”

Matt: Se7en.  It was the movie that really forced me to question my definition of what makes a good movie, because every element was good, the acting, the story, the effects, etc., and when you put them all together, you were left with a thoroughly unenjoyable experience that I swore never to repeat.  To this day, almost twenty years after I saw it in the theater, Se7en is my benchmark of movie dislike.  

Emily: The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury.  I was young when I read it, so possibly adult me wouldn’t find it as scary, but it was creepy and magical and I had trouble sleeping the next two nights after I finished it.  I just learned when I was double checking my memory of Bradbury’s authorship that the 1972 novel was originally written as an animated screenplay that didn’t fall through and that in 1993 an animated movie was made that even won an Emmy so I need to see if the movie is as good as I remember the book.  Oh, Library!

“Well, Emily just kind of answered my next question as she admitted the Halloween Tree gave her nightmares.  Do scary books and movies often give you nightmares, Emily?”

Emily: I frequently have very vivid dreams, and some of them are nightmares.  I actually don’t read that many scary books.  I read a lot of urban fantasy, stuff that uses the same tropes as horror: monsters, suspense, dark happenings, etc., but nothing I would really regard as ‘scary’.  It may be that writer’s detachment, however.  Even when I’m fully engaged in what I’m reading or watching, there is always that little piece of me observing the story and critiquing it… It provides a little buffer against being scared because I’m that one step removed.

A writer's biggest fear: blank sheets!

A writer’s biggest fear: blank sheets!

“How about you, Matt?  Are you similarly detached?”

Matt: Actually I am.  It’s another of the core personality pieces that kind of carried over to Emily, and made it difficult for me to think of a list of ‘scary’ books and movies we have seen; I’m far more likely to react to a movie as ‘creepy’ or ‘tense’ or ‘suspenseful’ then actually ‘scary’.  Honestly, however, I can’t really say whether I get nightmares from books or movies.  I wake up gradually enough that I generally don’t recall my dreams at all.  On rare occasions I emerge from a dream rapidly enough that I still remember it upon waking, and even then it fades quickly.  The dreams I still ‘remember’… I don’t actually remember the dream, but I shared the dream with someone quickly enough or made a mental note that managed to stick, so I remember remembering the dream, but not the dream itself anymore.  My most common dream, however, is a work-related nightmare.

“Speaking of core personality pieces, do either of you have any superstitions?  If you do, give our audience an example or two.”

Matt: Yes and no.  Superstition is defined as an unjustified belief in a seemingly irrelevant or supernatural source of causation.  Such as breaking a mirror somehow causing seven years of bad luck.  If I believed that any of my beliefs were unjustified, I wouldn’t still believe them, so by that logic no one is superstitious in their own eyes.  Still, I can think of a few beliefs that I find justified that others might find unjustified… I believe Murphy’s Law- whatever can go wrong, will go wrong- is a powerful predictor of restaurant business.  If Monday’s have been slow and everyone has been sent home from lunch by 1:30, the Monday you have a 2:15 doctor’s appointment is the day there is a late rush lasting until 3:00.  If you overstaff for a local event, you won’t be busy.  If you’re short handed because of people calling off, everybody and their cousin will come in that night.  I am Christian, and I believe in my faith, although I will not expound on the specifics of my personal theology because Emily was right earlier that this is not the place- I’ll just point out that one man’s theology is another man’s heresy and a third man’s superstition depending on where their beliefs lie.

Emily: I don’t have any superstitions.

Best seat in the (fun)house...

Best seat in the (fun)house…

Matt: Maybe, maybe not.  Emily, do you believe in magic and psychic powers?

Emily: Of course I do, but those are real, not ‘unjustified beliefs’.

Matt: This is one of the places where Emily and I disagree.  I’ve never witnessed sorcery, psychic powers, ghosts, faeries, etc., but nor I have witnessed any proof that they cannot exist.  I’m also aware that the bible, which I strongly believe in, doesn’t just have accounts of miracles, but of magic and witches and ghosts.  As a default, I believe that they probably don’t exist anymore, and I certainly don’t expect to ever encounter one in First Life.  On the other hand, I also believe they are possible and would make for a world with better stories.  Emily is a cheerier soul than I am, so of course she believes in the world with better stories.

Emily: ‘Cheerier soul’?  You just admitted I’m a separate soul!  I win the argument, we’re two people!  Na-na-na-na!

Matt: (Rubbing his forehead.)  I just had an argument with myself and lost.  I’m going to go have a brief lie-down.

“Wait!  I’ve got one last question before you go!  What do you and Emily each plan to do this Halloween?”

Matt: In the evening, I’ll be tending bar and wishing I was off so I could see my nephews trick-or-treat costumes (pirate and race-car-driver).  That’s First Life, not terribly exciting.

Emily: I get to pick for the morning however!  I’m not sure what we’ll be into, but I hope to get one more halloween-costume blogged and visit someplace decorated either for halloween or for autumn and get some pretty pictures.  After all: cool clothes, pretty pictures,.. it’s pretty much what I do, and I’m quite happy that way.

“And we are too!  Thank you again for spending some time with us, Matt and Emily.  And thank you, all you mysterious readers out in the blogosphere who read this and made this episode of Blogetty Blah Blah possible.  This is Ted Bogus, signing off, and hoping all your words are freshly pressed!”



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