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Posted: October 30, 2013 in Guest Blogged!, Monday Meme
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“Welcome to Blogetty Blah Blah, the show where we talk on and on and on with bloggers about blogs and blogging.  My name is Ted Bogus, and I’m your long winded host!  Today I’m here with Emily Marik and her firsty, Matt, the creative mind or minds behind SL: Time Well Wasted.  I guess my first question is whether I should refer to you as one creative mind or two creative minds…”

Matt: One mind.  I’m sometimes have questions about how exactly that mind works, but we are just different aspects of that mind.

Emily: Definitely two minds.  We have a lot in common, but I’m my own person and I have distinctly different tastes and attitudes then my firsty, and sometimes we just flat out disagree.

I am sooo ready for my close up now….

I am sooo ready for my close up now….

“Well, that clarifies a lot.  I think I can already tell how this interview is going to go.  But I’m going to ask my questions anyway, if only to fill otherwise dead air time.  These questions about Halloween were sent in by Strawberry Singh, a woman who puts the blah in blogging!”

Emily: You might want to rephrase that.  There is absolutely nothing blah about Strawberry Singh!  She’s my idol and my role model!  I wanted to start a cult of Strawberry to worship her blog as holy writ, but my firsty is a spoilsport.

Matt: (Winces a little.) Yeah, I’m pretty sure Emily wants to be Strawberry when she grows up.  Or possibly to try to kill her and take her place.  It’s a little creepy sometimes, and I think everyone will be more comfortable if we just move on to the questions…

“I certainly will be.  Fortunately creepy is a good cue to talk about Halloween.  How do you two feel about halloween?  Did you go trick or treating as a child?”

I do believe, I do believe!

I do believe, I do believe!

Emily: Every year.  Usually I would browbeat my dad into to taking me to other neighborhoods so I could trick or treat multiple times.  And the upside of looking as young as I do, I can still go out every year.  Which almost makes up for the hassles every time I buy a bottle of Captain Morgan’s.  Hopefully by the time I can’t pass as a teenager anymore, I’ll have a friend with some small children I can borrow for the night and pretend to be an enthusiastic parent or nanny.

Matt: Only until I was eight or nine.  My parents believed in fairness, so if I went out panhandling for candy, someone had to be at home to give candy out to the other neighborhood kids, which neither of them particularly cared to do.  As soon as they could convince me to give up Trick or Treat, they could revert to their preferred plan, which was turn all the lights off and close down the house, and go out for dinner and a movie and not come back home until trick or treat was over.  A night out with the grown ups was a bigger treat then candy, so I jumped to the grinch side of the Halloween fence fairly early in life.

“Other holidays than Christmas can have grinches?”

Matt: Why not?  The original Dr. Seuss book is about Christmas, but the idea, someone with a negative attitude that spoils others’ holiday enjoyment could apply to any holiday.  Admittedly you would hard pressed to find someone who celebrates Arbor Day enthusiastically enough to be a Grinch about Arbor Day, but it could happen in theory.  Heck, look up the definition of Grinch online, and you will find that it is generally defined as slang for any killjoy or spoilsport, not just holiday killjoys.  (Except for, which instead defines a grinch as a particularly sweaty and hairy female body part, which I suppose would spoil the sport, but gives a whole new meaning to the Grinch who stole Christmas…)

“So you don’t care for Halloween costumes.”

Matt: I don’t care for Halloween, per se.  I love costumes… cosplay, theatrical costuming, Renn fairs and sci-fi conventions, et cetera.  Last saturday, a radio station from the next city over was advertising a zombie pub crawl, with prizes for scariest and sexiest zombies, and I would have loved to go, in costume if I could get someone to come with me, or just to watch as a wall fly observer. I’ve seen Emily pull it off, but it’s still hard to imagine a ‘sexy zombie’ costume on this side of the computer screen.  I tolerate Halloween for the sake of costumes, but I find the commercialism of the holiday and the “gimme candy” greed to be just as irritating as Christmas commercialism and greed are.

“Well then, what are the best Halloween costumes you’ve ever seen or worn yourself?  And Matt, let Emily get a word in, you’ve been monopolizing the conversation.”

You can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind...

You can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind…

Emily: (sticking her tongue out) Yeah.  Let me have a turn.  I love costumes too, one of the traits my firsty and I have in common.  I change outfits and looks so much that it’s harder for me to pick just one costume.  For instance, I wanted to be a fairy princess when I was a little girl, so I really love the costume I’m wearing in today’s post.. It’s the Kiddy Crew Tinkerbell costume from Fierce Designs, leotard, tutu, wand, wings, and hair with glowing ribbons all included.  It also came with ballerina type slippers, but I wanted to give the costume a little more of my own punky flare, so I swapped those out for stockings and my signature Prozak red leather kicks, as well as adding my lip rings and a tattoo from Orsini.  The pimpled skin is also a Kiddy Crew release from Fierce Designs, and the Meredith ‘tweenie’ shape was created by Dawn Canadeo.  Looking through my inventory for costumes I like enough to have multiple design variations on them, I also apparently love Alice in Wonderland, and Sexy Nuns.  Actually almost all of my costumes are ‘Sexy fill-in-the-blank’. Can I blame Matt for that?

Matt: Not and still maintain that we are two different minds.  Which battle would you rather win? (Sticks his tongue out.) I’m torn on which costume also, but when I was a little kid, I wanted to be a rabbit.  I learned to read on the books of Thornton Burgess, a Massachusetts naturalist and children’s author, and loved his main character Peter Rabbit.  I loved the classic Bugs Bunny cartoons.  As a very small child, I would do what was more of a kangaroo hop around the yard and pretend to be a rabbit.  Rabbits are traditionally associated with the trickster archetype, someone who succeeds through wits and outside-the-box thinking, and I would hope that I would someday be associated with that same archetype.  So my favorite costume was the bunny costume my mother made for me the year I was six.

Little stars on springs

Little stars on springs…

The base was a pair of blue footie pajamas with white over the stomach.  Mom sewed a big white cotton ball on the seat for a bunny tail.  For ears, she found a head band with two little stars on springs sticking out.  Yes, Emily, very like those glowing stars from Wierdiculous you just found as an example.  My mom sewed blue and white slip covers that slid over the little stars and turned them into bunny ears.  A little bit of halloween makeup gave me a pink nose and some whiskers on my cheeks and voila!  Instant bunny.  I had just finished one of my growth spurts, and the pajamas were big on me, so I was even able to repeat and reuse the costume the following year.  If they made footie pajamas for adults over six feet tall, I would probably try to recreate the costume thirty years later… Definitely the best costume ever.  I was an adorable little boy!

Emily: So what happened when you grew up?

“Hey now!  I still have questions to ask, so I need you two to behave and remain civil until we finish.  So what is each of your most vivid Halloween memories?”

Matt: Most vivid memory?  Another costume story.  Ten or twelve years ago, when I was working my first serving job, the company that owned the restaurant wanted to be ‘fun’ so we were strongly encouraged to dress up.  There was a waitress there, I’ll call her Kelsey to protect the guilty, who was kind of a landmark at the restaurant.  ‘Kelsey’ had a stable of male regulars who came in to see her every Friday.  She was a good waitress, and fun and flirty and very attractive.  At the time I was in my twenties and thought Kelsey was a gorgeous older woman.  Now that I’m getting close to the age she must have been then, I would just say she was a gorgeous woman.  Blond, busty, with just an undefined hint of bimbo/party girl that made her more fun.  So I didn’t just go the drag route, I intentionally modeled the costume after her.  I found a blond ringlet wig that looked very close to Kelsey’s actual hair.  At a local full time costume store (as opposed to those cheapo costume stores that sprout up like mushrooms at the beginning of September just for the season) I found a foam chest insert of prominent boobs. They even had permanent ‘head lights on’, much like Kelsey… My god, Emily!  I had lolas before lolas were cool!  (Emily just shakes her head and snickers.)  I used my usual work shirt, which with the foam lolas was very tight across the chest- again much like Kelsey.  Waiters had to wear khaki pants, waitresses were allowed a choice of skirts or pants, and Kelsey always wore a skirt just barely long enough to be regulation.  So I wore a khaki skirt, and matched her bright red lipstick and wore bright red press on nails.  I had quietly asked a few people, just to make certain that Kelsey would recognize imitation as a form of flattery and not be offended.  Unfortunately they had given me bad advice.  I got to work that Friday, coming in for evening as Kelsey was leaving from her lunch shift, and was greeted with the name ‘You Little Shit!”, not used as a term of endearment.  Worse, a few of her lunch stable regulars came in that evening and instantly recognized that I wasn’t doing generic drag but specifically imitating Kelsey.  Guys thought it was a hoot.  Women I waited on were more impressed by the nails and that I had managed to do them myself.  Last footnote to the story.  I got out of work late that evening, got into my car, still in costume, and hopped on the highway to drive over to my girlfriend’s off-campus apartment.  Not only did I want to see her, but I still lived with my parents at the time, and I didn’t really want them to see me in drag so I figured I would change at my girlfriends.  Between the costume and the undergarments to push me into a more feminine shape than I have naturally, the costume was kind of hot (in the sticky, sweaty sense rather than the sexy sense) so I had the window down for the breeze.  A semi pulls past me, and the driver lays on the horn and ogles me from the cab.  It takes me a split second to realize what just happened.  I speed up again, and as I pull even with the truck, I blow the truck driver a kiss.  I then pull my wig off and blow him a second kiss, before speeding up more and pulling away.  The second sounding of the horn sounded a lot angrier than the first.  I was still laughing when I got to my girlfriend’s place.

“Emily, this segment is going a little long, so I’d like to cut to a commercial break and give you a chance to change costumes.  Folks, we’ll be back shortly, depending on Matt’s typing speed.  In the meantime, here are a few blog posts you might find interesting:

Tani Sakura recently started a new blog, and we are waiting to see if she sticks with it, but this post about a new costuming inventory tool definitely caught my eye…

Amanda Randall posted this gallery of halloween costumes for those who prefer to look scary instead of slutty…

And Cheryl Blossoms has two more halloween costumes on display at her most recent post…  Now stay tuned for the return of the Bloggety Blah Blah show!”

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  2. Tani Sakura says:

    Thanks for your interest in my post about the wardrobe!
    Just wanted to let you know that I switched from to a free hoster:
    I know…. you’ll ask why I moved that quick. As you know I am pretty new to blogging but not new to making websites and I needed more freedom of what I can do with my blog.
    Maybe you’ll follow me to my new home?

    Thanks and keep blogging! 🙂

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